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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Iraqi blogger

A new Iraqi blogger started blogging ,I am honoured to know him personaly and I want to welcome him in the blog world.

More about us....

The day before yesterday at 4:30 pm a building exploded in a nearby neighborhood ,our house was quaked without any damages , the windows’ handles were opened so they only clapped strongly .
while we were checking the house immediately after the explosion we saw a huge orange cloud over the area of the blast .I had never been scared the way I felt ,I quickly picked up the phone to call a doctor friend to see what should we do if this explosion happened due to some chemical blast , and to inform me if there were any measures we should follow to avoid suffocation or any other symptoms ,but there were no phone services (out of coverage).
I gave my children wet towels to put it on their noses, and we began to close the windows tightly. Then we saw in the Mosul local TV channel ,that the explosion had no chemical damages but the tragedy took so many innocent souls . 50 houses and 200 store shops were destroyed .147 injured ,and 39 died with so many bodies are still under the debris.
Next day my husband ,my uncle and I went to work ,but my daughters didn’t go to their schools . as I work near the main hospital , the forensic office and the emergency hospital you can imagine how my day was.
As soon as I entered my room ,I saw my mate wearing black .with teary eyes she said they murdered my dear uncle in front of his 19 years old daughter and his two little boys. He was a prophesier had his degree from UK .
She started to talk about the funeral and how the explosion damaged her parents’ house and her sister’s . her sisters’ 4 children and husband were injured while she was in the funeral.
After the tragedy the roads and the bridges were blocked and the mother couldn’t make it and reach her injured family,, she even could not call them and know how serious their injuries were until the next day.
While we were talking, her injured brother in law came to seek for her help, because his 13 years old daughter did not get help yet in the crowded emergency room .the girl had deep long injury on her lovely face and wasn’t sutured yet. my friend went with them to look for a doctor that can aid.
Just then my boss came and asked every one to go home because he had received a notice about a hasty stroll ban. My driver could not take me home because of the locked roads ,I had to go home walking among the soldiers and their shootings in the air ( the Iraqi way to inform people about blocked roads).
When my friend left the emergency room , she couldn’t reach her home as it was across the bridge ,and had to sleep in her parents house .her mother wasn’t their because she was in her dead brother’s house to receive the comforters. her husband also couldn’t reach home or his sad wife at her parents house.
My husband had to pass the river with a launch to the other strand , then walked to the house, he walked over 15 kilometer. my uncle (father in law) walked over 7 kilometers ,he is 70 years old.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

They were not experts!!

In the last several cold days, we had to live without electricity at all. In such circumstances my children were studying and going to school . it was hard cold dark nights for them but they don’t have any choice, but to survive and go on .
at one of those dark cold nights we were informed by one of the neighbors that at 9 o’clock their will be an explosion ,he said the American soldiers were trying to destroy the residue of the near bridge which was previously destroyed by terrorists through exploding two cars in addition to decoying the bridge it self, at that time our house was badly damaged and we were lucky to live to tell the tale.
we opened our windows and took cover in the freezing corridor, we waited from 8:20 pm till 10 pm and nothing happened, my little boy yosif slept after long time of sitting on the torch light alone in such coldness then felt to sleep. I decided to take a risk and put my boy in his bed( it’s besides mine), “we can’t bear the cold for ever “I said,.
at 11pm a very loud explosion opened the bedroom’s windows ,we also heard the windows breaking down ,the very cold bluster carried dusts into inside.
Miriam who was just falling asleep started screaming. I laid over my son and my husband ran through the darkness to Miriam . then we checked everyone and the rest of the house. we had some damages in the windows ,but luckily not in the bed rooms.
we decided to go back to bed and sweep the shrapnel’s and start to fix the damages early in the morning. But a louder explosion at 12 in the midnight terrified us and caused more damages to the windows and doors leaving the house so cold, dirty and leaving us astonished.
Next day my daughters had to go to attend their exams after a horrible night ,my husband had to go to work too, but I took the day off and stayed home to try to clean in spite of the frostiness and the tiredness. When my husband returned home he told me that those soldiers were not experts and nothing happened to the bridge residue, only the neighborhood houses were damaged!!!!!!!!!!.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I went home

I visited Baghdad after two years of parting from my parents ,family members and friends .I was patient along the long tiring road ,unlike Mariam ,my little daughter, who had travel sickness, and my little son yosif, who got bored and started to cry and bothering Mariam and his father Who was all the time cursing the troops and every one close the road ,we spend 10 hours driving in unpaved roads slowly, we used to reach Baghdad in 4 hours in easy driving, but things changed dramatically.
My husband was so angry and not helping at all in such difficult road ,but friends of mine kept calling me and sending me SMS, praying for me and gratifying me through that time.
In Baghdad ,I saw my family, friends, neighbors and enjoyed Eid very much. We also participated in celebrating Christmas with some Christian friends .we had wonderful time the situation in Baghdad is better ,the streets are cleaner and safer. hope that things will continue improving .
On the next day we arrived to Baghdad I really wanted to walk along my parents neighborhood alone, I had lovely memories I wanted to remember ,but sunshine joined me ,I think she didn’t feel comfortable to the idea of my walking alone , as well as she needed some fun too .anyway I had a great feeling of being home again . I wished to stay there forever…..
Days past very fast ,we were invited to many relatives houses ,we recreated many Iraqi famous dishes…but along that time I had a mixed feelings of happiness , fear from the coming, and sadness from leaving soon………..