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Friday, January 25, 2008

More about us....

The day before yesterday at 4:30 pm a building exploded in a nearby neighborhood ,our house was quaked without any damages , the windows’ handles were opened so they only clapped strongly .
while we were checking the house immediately after the explosion we saw a huge orange cloud over the area of the blast .I had never been scared the way I felt ,I quickly picked up the phone to call a doctor friend to see what should we do if this explosion happened due to some chemical blast , and to inform me if there were any measures we should follow to avoid suffocation or any other symptoms ,but there were no phone services (out of coverage).
I gave my children wet towels to put it on their noses, and we began to close the windows tightly. Then we saw in the Mosul local TV channel ,that the explosion had no chemical damages but the tragedy took so many innocent souls . 50 houses and 200 store shops were destroyed .147 injured ,and 39 died with so many bodies are still under the debris.
Next day my husband ,my uncle and I went to work ,but my daughters didn’t go to their schools . as I work near the main hospital , the forensic office and the emergency hospital you can imagine how my day was.
As soon as I entered my room ,I saw my mate wearing black .with teary eyes she said they murdered my dear uncle in front of his 19 years old daughter and his two little boys. He was a prophesier had his degree from UK .
She started to talk about the funeral and how the explosion damaged her parents’ house and her sister’s . her sisters’ 4 children and husband were injured while she was in the funeral.
After the tragedy the roads and the bridges were blocked and the mother couldn’t make it and reach her injured family,, she even could not call them and know how serious their injuries were until the next day.
While we were talking, her injured brother in law came to seek for her help, because his 13 years old daughter did not get help yet in the crowded emergency room .the girl had deep long injury on her lovely face and wasn’t sutured yet. my friend went with them to look for a doctor that can aid.
Just then my boss came and asked every one to go home because he had received a notice about a hasty stroll ban. My driver could not take me home because of the locked roads ,I had to go home walking among the soldiers and their shootings in the air ( the Iraqi way to inform people about blocked roads).
When my friend left the emergency room , she couldn’t reach her home as it was across the bridge ,and had to sleep in her parents house .her mother wasn’t their because she was in her dead brother’s house to receive the comforters. her husband also couldn’t reach home or his sad wife at her parents house.
My husband had to pass the river with a launch to the other strand , then walked to the house, he walked over 15 kilometer. my uncle (father in law) walked over 7 kilometers ,he is 70 years old.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... your stories touch me! I have to stop half way through your post to remind myself that it is not just a story, it is real.

I would love to read a post from you with regards to Sahwa and your opinion (disagree or agree). To my understanding the man who would be in charge of Mosul is very commited to cleaning your streets. I know he is not interested in the money; he even turned down a bonus promised to all. He doesn't deserve to be called a Jash when he was a dedicated Peshmerga even left his family behind to fight for justice.

Like I said before, I would love to know your thoughts.

25 January, 2008  
Anonymous Joe from New Hampshire said...

I am so glad to hear that you and your immediate family all survived that awful blast. I am also very saddened to hear of your uncle being one of the killed. God be with him and also with you and your family and all the people of Iraq. I have been reading the blogs from your whole family and find them extremely helpful in trying to get a real understanding about the people and circumstances of Iraq. You have every right to be very proud of your family. Your daughter Sunny's blog is my most favorite of all the blogs I read. Hard to believe she is so young.
The news lately sounds like maybe Mosul will soon be much more peaceful. I hope the Iraqi and U.S. militaries will be able to make a change for the better with minimal deaths, especially that of civilians.
Good luck to you and your family and may God smile upon you all!!

25 January, 2008  
Anonymous Roy said...

That is such a terrible story. I have heard on the news about the bomb blast and all the people who where killed. Hearing your story made it seem even worse. It's like knowing friends who were in it. All day today I have been hearing or reading about how thousands of troops and police were being sent to Mosul for the finale showdown with al Qaeda. Maybe this will be the end to all the violence in your city. I hope you and your family can stay safe during this battle.

25 January, 2008  
Blogger Ripama said...


This is not a good story. Bombings like this seem to be random for the purpose of creating mayhem. It might mean more trouble ahead.

You have my prayers.

26 January, 2008  
Blogger programmer craig said...

This has been the biggest story in the news about Iraq for the last couple of days, mama. A couple of the articles I've seen:



They are saying that Mosul is Al Qaida's last strong hold in Iraq.

The building was apparently being used as a bomb-making factory, maybe that's why the smoke cloud was so unusual?

It seems from the news accounts that both the US and the Iraqi government are going to focus on terrorists in Mosul. I hope that goes well, and things begin to (finally) improve there.

26 January, 2008  
Blogger J Booth said...

Hi mama - thanks for link to baghadadentist

So good to read your posts and I hope many more people will read them in the future !

Did your sister have her baby ?
- she would be very busy and no time for Internet

26 January, 2008  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Congratulations Mama.

16 years ago tomorrow you gave birth to a wonderful baby. That baby has grown into a wonderful young lady who has friends who admire her around this world.

A lot of her success is due to the many things you taught her as she grew into her remarkable lovely teen age years.

Thank you Mama for giving us this lovely friend who we hope will live a long and prosperous life.

28 January, 2008  
Blogger John said...

I am so sorry about these terrible horrors. I'm praying for you and your family. I am so sorry.

29 January, 2008  
Blogger Cat said...

I've been reading sunshine's blog since September. She's only a few months older than I am, and it's crazy to think of all she's been through when I compare our lives. I have been praying for your family during this last fight against Al Qaeda. Stay Safe and God Bless you,

29 January, 2008  
Blogger Kim said...

My prayers are with you and your family mama. I can't imagine what you must go through on a daily basis. Stay safe my friend.

29 January, 2008  

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