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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Injured kid ..

I was still at work, when my cell phone rang ,it was my dearest friend ,she asked me to meet her at the hospital.
I didn't expect bad news but I was very wrong, when she saw me she burst into tears and started to cry hysterically and told me that her 15 years old brother was hit by mortar fell on their house, he is in very critical situation ,his body injured with many shrapnel's ,his liver was completely damaged, his diaphragm lacerated ,his colon was longitudinally cut ,his tummy look very outsized , filled with blood from internal bleeding, his lung also was injured.
He had three operations till now, and he is still in the intensive care ,she asked me to pray for him .The worse part in this story is the hospital condition it is very dirty ,with very limited medical services, few doctors,and large number of casualties, no one checked him during eid,he remained 3 days suffering from blocked tubes, internal bleeding and bad pain without any kind of medical care ,no nurses nor doctors during eid…they can't take him abroad ,they need passport, visa ,and special care during traveling, which is impossible to get..
We are all subjected to be injured and to face such situation ….


Blogger dancewater said...

is this the same Mustafa that left a comment in your last post?

I hope he gets well, and I will email this to some people to see if they can help.

31 October, 2007  

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