talk about my life as a young mother hoping to do the best for her children in spite of the life difficulies.As a Dentist I want to share you my occupational ticklers...

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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Started to worry ..

Hello friends
In my previous post, I told you that I have two daughters & a son.
Their ages are 13, 7 &1 year old son.
As a mother, &because I enjoyed my childhood, I try to challenge the reality to offer them the best life possible.
When I had my first baby, I was shocked by how difficult it is when I couldn’t find toys for her (the unjust regime did not allow the importation & we did not have an Iraqi made toys).I started to look for magazines of handmade work. I made many nice things for her .Then I made many many toys for children in the family& for friends.
I always remember my parents say about how the toys important for the children’s mental growth. That is why I cared a lot about making toys for my baby & others.
When my child entered the kindergarten ,I saw the swing ,see-saw, hammock & the slide game.They were old & badly damaged . I saw 4 years old children playing with those dangerous games ,they were only remnants of very old games.I got angry ,these children might get seriously hurt & the teachers not even awared .In the next day my father In law & I bought wood ,took tooles,we made steps for the slide game , we removed the sharp edges& fixed the other games. Then we gave the night watchman money to remove the long cane & grasses After a hard work we gave the kindergarten a nice garden with safe games.
These are only simple examples ,to give you an idea about the start of my anxiety.
As my children grow up ,I become more anxious.
When sunshine ( yes my first child is Sunshine ) became 8 years old, I began to think about bringing her a computer.Till that time I did not have a computer & I didn't know how to use it .
With all the money I had , I bought a computer, & attended a private lessons for 2 weeks , & started to teach Sunshine how to use the computer & you see that she is now a good writer .I always brought her good educating programs,(although they were quite expensive), to learn English .Her other sister (Sunray) started to learn in her third year.
Now I worry about their safety when they are at home or out .
Sunshine's school is far from our house she was trapped in her way many times .
Sunray had very bad memories; she witnessed many battles in her way to school, and inside her school.
All these & much more makes me worried all the time ….
In my next post, I will write about …. You will find out.
Mama …

Monday, July 25, 2005

Childhood comparison...

Hello, today I will talk about my childhood it will help me to explain the difference between my life & my children’s .please be patient & don’t get bored.
My family consists of, my mother she is an English teacher, my father is a civil engineer, he studied in Penn Engineering in USA. My dad worked in many incumbencies, the last one was in the Arabic Organization of Industrial Development, it’s a diplomat incumbency. I have a younger sister she is a civil engineer .We had wonderful life together. We had many friends, our house was rarely empty of guests .Adjacent to our house my father built two houses for rent. He only allowed foreigners to rent them. Therefore, we made friendships with people of different nationalities French, British, Spanish Americans, Yugoslavians, Pakstanians, Tunisians, & many many others. We used to make barbecue parties for our guests serving illustrious Iraqi Kebab.
I have very nice memories about the weekends; we used to spend some of the weekends in Al_Habbania tourist city it was full of fun, we swim, ride water motorcycle, go for fishing, and attend parties in the nightclubs .At the beginning only families of high class & foreigners were allowed to get in. It remained clean, very nice &offer excellent services. Especially it was managed as far as I remember by French company. I have nice memories about the family birthday parties, celebrations of my parents wedding anniversary.
We used to go for swimming twice a week.
We attended circus three or four times. I traveled only once with my family to west Germany& Denmark, but my parents traveled to many other countries like Poland , Romania ,India, Canada&USA…
So you can see I had good childhood, & we lived an ordinary life.
After one month of my marriage Iraq attacked Kuwait, for us that was the start of agonies, every thing was changed, the value of coinage dropped, the money we had became worthless, I believe you know the rest of the story. I mean the
Sanctions, the Gulf war until invalidate Sadam’s regime.
When I got married, my husband used to get high salary (900$), suddenly his salary became worth nothing (2$), it is not enough to cover the food expense, his bank account was 50000ID (before the drop it was about 150000 $ ). We bought with it a sachet of flour after we took 5000ID (2$) from my parents in law.
We were un able to depend on our selves for living, my parents started to pay me every month (from the houses rent income) & buy the important stuffs. My parents in law also helped us to pass all these years, but believe me it’s not easy to live on some one else help…
In my other post, I will write about my children’s life style ….
Take care,

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Who I am ?...

About me:
I am 34 years old, I’m a dentist, & I am a mother for three children .I got married when I was 19 years old in 1990 , I was in my first year in collage of Dentistry, my husband is mechanical engineer he is my cousin . Before my marriage, I lived in Baghdad with my parents and younger sister. I had wonderful childhood & lovely family.
Since marriage, I live in Mosul, which is a city I don’t like. I have very nice apartment.
I had my first child in 1992; I was only 21 years old. That was hard to be a wife; a mother & dental student .Since then my child brought the jolliness to my live. I worked hard to be graduated in1995.
My daughter was 3 years old when she walked with me in my graduation solemnization. That was the greatest day in my whole live.
I worked for 2 years, my salary was 2800 ID (about 1 $) a month!! I used to take my girl to a shop at my salary day to buy her a couple of candies, it cost me all the salary!!
After two years of work in Mosul( which I consider it as training) , I had to serve in the countryside.
I was send to Nasriea, which is about 750 kilometers from Mosul.
With the same salary & I should pay for discursiveness (which is the worst) & for habitation, leaving my baby that was the impossible.
I left my work & stayed at home.
I gave birth to my second daughter at 1998. She is delightful.
At 2003 ,immediately after the war calm down, I returned back to work , I requested from the health minister to allow me to work near Mosul ,& I got the agreement .My salary was 120 $ a month! know I get 216000 ID (about 146$)a month!
In 2004, I gave birth to my last child. He is gorgeous.
My great love to my kids, make me worry a lot about their future. I want them to have excellent childhood, &I want to guarantee a good future by offering them good education.
That could be the intention of every loving parent but believe me in my case it is not easy.