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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Different life

Four years ago I had a very different life , peaceful one ,I could celebrate my and my kids birthdays ,the feast with my parents and my only sister, I used to visit my parents in Baghdad from time to time, in a safe way and never had problem in traveling, we used to have lots of plans together ,parties ,picnics ,visit friends and neighbors, do lots
of shopping, walking and have family gatherings. we had a wonderful life ,among family ambiance.

we did not have direct contact with the previous government, therefore ,we were safe from their harm. We were not allowed to disagree, or have an opinion against the government policy.
we had many problems like electric power shortage, and low salaries, but we were secured at our homes and anywhere else. we had normal life.
although I had no work at that time, and had financial problems ,but I had a better life than I have now.
we did not have internet or mobile phone services ,we were not allowed to travel round the world, or having any contact out side the country, we had limited health care services, and shortage in medications.
America decided to rescue us ,and to bring us freedom, and to bring us splendid life. because we did not taste the democracy yet ,we were very over credulous to believe in these promises.
What life did America give us?
-non secured life even when you say nothing with or against the many many political components.
-non secured life at home ,at work, in the street, in the hospital , in the church, in the mosque.
-neither the children nor the olds feel safe from so many's harm, from all sources of mischief's.
many innocents Iraqis are under arrest. -
-the number of the widows and orphans highly increased. And we lost so many citizens.
But we now have internet connection to communicate with our faraway families.-
we have mobile phones to check our family members if they were still alive.-
-I have a job now ,the road by which I reach home is now called " the road of death" it's unsafe road full of mines and ambushes.
-our salaries are much higher than before, they can barely be enough to buy the very very much highly priced fuel, to go to work and to operate the generators ,because we have no electricity most of the day, by this salary we can't rival the high prices of all kinds of goods.
-We are now ruing the limited health care that we used to get in our hospitals, on comparing the situation now, no medications ,no good doctors after they had left the country after threatens ,or left the whole world after being murdered.
-my family, my self and many Iraqis used to complain from the dirty roads, now we say at least they were paved and safe.
-in the past, many people round the world didn't know about Iraq, and the Iraqis, who were they?, what are their traditions?, religions?,race?,they knew nothing.
now we are described as terrorists, who cut the heads mercilessly, and consist of many rowed sects, and that we are people own the world oil, but are savages and not confided to own it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lucky or what?

To see smashed car, due to explosion ,bomb or other accident, became familiar to anyone go through Iraqi roads. To be in your house , work , school ,or even in hospital church or mosque a very load explosion is something very expected everyday, you might get hurt by the shrapnels
, or you could be blessed and only get terrified.
To receive unexpected visitors as kidnappers, or home inspectors from different nationalities ,or even mislaid bullet or you could be luckier to receive a mortar , is something frequent.
Explosives planted in the roads became very ordinary but not dear road accompaniers, I once saw died Youngman in the street and no one stopped to check if he was alive. my husband saw many such scenes, he even saw someone being kidnapped and then was shot.
There are more and more bad events I personally did not and don't wish to experience, please pray for that.
But last Thursday I witnessed something very different Therefore it was non routinely day, while I was in my way to work with four other doctors in the car, we saw three tanks blocking the road , as it was something usual we turned to look for an alternative road. The driver did not make his best decision and chose unsecured road for short. we ,the doctors I mean, was busy staring at the album of our recently engaged mate, and discussing very very important issues, like her hair style and makeup, when we heard loud DING, the driver shouted "oh my god, we tramped someone", even before my eight months pregnant friend finished her statement "oh ,I hope he is ok", the young outworn guy stand up, then just then we saw his machinegun. he swiftly started to shoot toward the tanks as we were just out of the road in front of the tanks. the sound was horribly loud and the scare was indescribable, the tanks of course turned toward the guy to shoot him died because we was not that lucky to do before, and we were unlucky again as we were just behind that equipped guy. I wonder if he had the chance to focus on HIS ENAMY before he started to shoot the ironclad tanks immediately after the bad,I mean really bad hit we gave him ,the driver , made the faster backward drive he ever made and then we lasted to a graveyard,and he said we are safe here!!.
when we reached work very weary and lucky this time to survive we began to check the driver blood pressure and our pregnant friend. thank you for your prayers it's working really good.

Alive Mama