talk about my life as a young mother hoping to do the best for her children in spite of the life difficulies.As a Dentist I want to share you my occupational ticklers...

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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Someone should care ..

Hi there
This is what new born Iraqi infants inhale immediately after birth, this view is 6 meters away from the delivery hospital .although it could be replaced by nice river view as the river is directly behind the garbage, but who cares. ?! the government? the Americans ? the hospital’s staff?. None.

it is all about trust

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The old day may come back ...

We had good celebrations this month ,we celebrated my 37th birthday, went to 2 picnics with my work mates and lately we celebrated Yosif 4th birthday.
My kids really had fun specially in Kurdistan, in the northern part of Iraq, with 44 doctors ,dentists and some families. They saw brilliant views ,enjoyed lovely weather and accompanied the most amazing Iraqis who made the journey interesting, fun and showed us how Iraqis have the spirit of entertaining.
my work mates are from different Iraqi cities but all are great in generosity, manners, kindness ,and companionship.
We enjoyed every single moment, even the bus driving times ,the views were gorgeous and everyone was singing, with so many laughter , I had the old feelings back when I used to live in Baghdad ,where laughter and fun is the character of it’s people unlike the life in Mosul where life is taken more seriously. I felt like I am among a big family ,everyone loved everyone, all were helpful, amusing ,and cheery.
Peace is an amazing feeling we went through ,my kids were walking ,playing and running away from us with out scare .they saw people dancing in the bus ,casino, street and enjoyed the sound of music and beautiful Iraqi songs instead of shootings and explosions’ sounds.they saw how Iraqis are alike and are harmonious unlike what the media reveal that Iraqis are fighting each other.
Seeing Yosif and Mariam in the dream city for the first time made me blissful, they were having the best time they ever had.it was the first time I see my husband singing and patting ,so calm and accommodating. seeing my family In such happiness gave me hope that the old days may come back soon.