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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Someone should care ..

Hi there
This is what new born Iraqi infants inhale immediately after birth, this view is 6 meters away from the delivery hospital .although it could be replaced by nice river view as the river is directly behind the garbage, but who cares. ?! the government? the Americans ? the hospital’s staff?. None.

it is all about trust


Blogger dancewater said...

That is horrible that they are burning garbage so close to the hospital!

Who is the little girl and the man?

13 May, 2008  
Anonymous Wayne said...


This is terrible. I think that the people who live near this filthy place would get together and clean up the trash or demand that the people making the mess clean it up.

There is probably a lot more places similar to it in your city.

14 May, 2008  
Blogger Ray-Ray said...

Thank you for showing that.

Someone DOES care -- you care.

And now we care, and hopefully more and more people will care and something can be done...

15 May, 2008  
Blogger Mister Ghost said...

People care, Mama.
But your government and city officials are useless and corrupt.

I'd ask, what about you the people of Mosul doing something about the garbage dump, if the government can't?

But I know you all are limited by events.

But Mama truthfully, do you think it is any better in other parts of the world?

Look at China, poor building regulations (codes), corruption, 3 million homes destroyed in the earthquake.

That's a great photo of the little girl and a soldier(?)

15 May, 2008  
Blogger The Queen said...

What do the Americans have to do with it? What could they possibly do? It's not like they have the power to make the Iraqi government do anything. If they did then people would be screaming 'occupation'.

18 May, 2008  
Blogger John said...

Dear Sunshine's Mom,
I'm so sorry about all these terrible things.

19 May, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mama...people do care. I really dont know what to say. To "Queen"...sorry ms. queen, but the Americans are "occupiers"...no other way around it.

Who is burning that stuff mama? Perhaps whoever "they" are, could be approached.

Many prayers for you and yours.

23 May, 2008  

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