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Friday, December 05, 2008

for the seventh time

Again my children had to go through a very scary situation, when a huge earsplitting explosion destroyed so many things in our house, within a second the windows, the doors were blown , the curtains were thrown torn dusty and full of broken glass. We were so lucky and blessed to stay alive and intact.But terrified. As a mother I can't find the words to describe the fear I had at that moment when I saw my little girl unconscious. She lost consciousness after her sister brought her to the corridor, we were examining her body to see if she was injured, but she was ok except simple scratches on her arm and with indescribable horror. When anyone sees the damages in our house realizes how lucky we were and how merciful god was when he protected us. I kept thankful all the time, even during removing the damages and all the broken glass, my kids are the most precious of all. BUT I am afraid from the coming.
You can see what happened through the photos.



Blogger BAGHDADENTIST said...

HI mama,
thanks god everyone is ok,its a horrible explosion.I'm praying and asking god everyday to live in peace and protect iraqis.
I'll be always by your side.keep up,soon or later we'll say there were explosions.its just a difficult period.
take care plz.

05 December, 2008  
Blogger MixMax said...

1000 hamdillah ala salametkum

05 December, 2008  
Blogger Ripama said...


05 December, 2008  
Blogger saminkie said...

Thank you dear Mama for sharing these pictures with us. We need to document those days we are living in. Our next generations need those pictures so so. Hamdulellah you were safe.


07 December, 2008  
Blogger Namla 7ola said...

7amdella 3al salama :\

08 December, 2008  

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