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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There was no Baghdad..

I went to visit my parents in Baghdad, I did not see them since December . I felt really depress and homesick so I decided to make them a visit with my kids and two dentists friends. The road was secured by 85 check points ,they were polite ,although they asked very stupid questions “where are you coming from?, where are you going?, do you have weapons in your car?”. I wonder why do they expect armed men to admit their direction, intention, and belongings?!!!!!.
Anyway when we reached Baghdad, the streets were crowded, the driver switched off the A.C ,the kids were exhausted. the very first sight that upset me and filled my eyes with tears , was the large no. of beggars in the streets, they were old women under the burning sun , with four or five years old skinny kids.
I reached home, the electricity was off, the generators’ noises were everywhere, my mom came out to welcome us, she was very happy, and took the kids into her arms ,while I was bringing my bags.
Along my staying in Baghdad ,I was watching what is happening there, the roads are walled with concrete walls hiding from view; the stores. the only thing every one sees is concrete walls, all streets look the same. it was frustrating , to see my beloved Baghdad like that.
What the government is doing to rebuilt Baghdad is taking care of the side walks ,and importing it’s tiles from Iran and Turkey, leaving the roads unpaved, and very badly damaged , the country is without electricity, but the government imported street lights with sun cells to power it by the sun power , they simply don’t understand the pollution problem that will interfere with the sun cells performance.
It was very obvious that the people are very tired from the situation, the lack of electricity, lack of fuel, the costliness ,and the loss of hope. the No. of people leaving Iraq is greater than ever. I had to farewell a very dear family, I felt that Baghdad is not the same and it's empty. I missed it's lineament, and missed the very large No. of friends , neighbors and relatives who either left abroad or dead.
I swear that I needed to scream from anger many times, but who will listen and care!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for what this invasion and occupation has done to your country. Like lots of people in the world, I tried to peacefully stop it - and failed.

15 July, 2008  
Blogger Ray-Ray said...

i'm sorry...

15 July, 2008  
Blogger John said...

Dear Sunshine's Mom,
I am very, very sorry.
Love and prayers,

15 July, 2008  
Anonymous Matthew said...

I am sorry, you're in our prayers

21 July, 2008  
Anonymous Roy said...

Many people care.

31 July, 2008  
Blogger RoyalTLady said...

We share your grief and misfortunes. You are in our constant prayers.

My deepest sympathy goes to you and all who suffer along...

07 August, 2008  
Blogger olivebranch said...

mama i'll listen "till the cows come home" as we say here.

I am sure you can contact me if you really want to scream at someone.

I'm used to it from gee anyway!! hehe

25 September, 2008  

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