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Friday, November 07, 2008


''Hard to understand" and" hard to imagine your feelings" are common words come as comments from some dear readers, but have great effect to show me how they do care and understand. May Allah respond to your and our prayers for peace.
Lately Iraqi Christian citizens were threatened and forced to leave their homes and hide in some villages out side Mosul and in Kurdistan. That made me so much angry and afraid from the coming consequences. wondering who will be the next terror's victim?! what is happening to the children and all innocents in my country under day light?! and what will be the reaction of the Iraqis toward relegating their Christian friends ,neighbors ,and workmates? How do those citizens feel toward other Iraqis now? why their children can't go to school? Of course ,I did not expect any response from our numb government. And I felt useless .
In my work we have a dentist that had to leave her house so quickly after she got serious threatening , she even didn't have time to take her important belongings , and left to outside Mosul to rent a small apartment. at work every one donated some money ,and we bought some food stuff ,blankets , electric heater and some other impotent things. And two mates visited her and gave her those provisions. they said she hugged them , and cried for so long. she had only some rugs , that the red cross organization brought them.. her daughter is attending the village school temporally
After a month of suffering most of those refugees returned to their work because the government refused to give them furloughing , what a clever and responsible way to help them!!!.
My eldest daughter saw the hailing of her teacher ,by the other teachers and students, she described all the hugs and tears that she saw. She said that every one was so much thrilled to see her back. she also talked about a woman came and greeted this teacher and told her that half of her house was destroyed when terrorists blasted her Christian neighbor's house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that what is going on in iraq is so hard to believe,i pray to end this nightmare so quiqly.
Thank u mama i wish u the best,i am always with u,with my love


12 November, 2008  
Blogger BAGHDADENTIST said...

you always better than me in telling facts,im really proud of you.
the iraqis got great spirit and courage,all we need is to be patient and this war and occupation will end soon or later.
may god protect your family and live in happiness. take care plz.

14 November, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will inevitably come a day when The People of Earth will amass enough power to overthrow the prevailing corruption; the ruling elite. When the revolution happens, a major paradigm shift will occur. Our challenge is to set the path, and its followers, toward peace, compassion, and respect. Others are aiming for death, destruction, suffering aka "sacrifice".

The quest is to aim your direction toward the world you want to live in.

A better future awaits. We can (will?) make it happen.

14 November, 2008  
Anonymous steen said...

Christians. Moslems.
Does religion have anything to do with the suffering you are experiencing?

15 November, 2008  
Blogger saminkie said...

Thank you for this. It was very important to read it. God bless all Iraqies.

17 November, 2008  

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