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Saturday, August 16, 2008

To liberators ?!!!!

So many things changed since YOU AMERICA invaded my country to liberate us from our live. last Saturday I attended a friend wedding ,this wasn’t the first wedding that I see or hear about without a groom.!!!!!. such an unbelievable things began to be common in my country, this is all because of the hard and dangerous circumstances. just try to imagine the couples feelings. when they can’t enjoy their wedding together, which is the most important event in their lives. The groom’s mom cried so many times during the party because her son can’t attend his big day, he is a doctor ,lives and taking his Msc in England, his doctor parents are worried about the bride visa, for how long they might live separated during their honeymoon or more further!!!!.
my people are suffering in every life field, specially the educated citizens, the government that is supported by AMERICA, trying to spread and encourage the backwardness . many strange idolatrous rituals, appeared in my country, we didn’t know before AMERICA’S liberation ,wonder if this is the brighten future that America brought us!!!!.the government allow those who weep the thousand years gone imams, in the streets, and also stop the traffic and close the roads for them. not just that but also make curfew in the capital Baghdad for the weepers safety. ignoring all the citizens life matters, business, and the country financial losses , due to paralyzing all life issues , to weep. leaving the country reconstruction, and instead steeling and straying it’s wealth.
What shall I do, where shall I go? I want a better life for my children, they deserve to live in peace, and to get good education, they deserve to have fun , and enjoy their live, they deserve to live the recent century , and not live in the darkness without electricity ,and in the backwardness without knowledge. but leaving my country, my friends and family is not what I want. I can’t.
When I was in Baghdad I saw only the eldest family members , friends, and neighbors. No young cousins nor friends, they all left for safer places. it was hard to see that ,because life is tough for those senescent ,my dad for example has to bring fuel to the generator and stay for hours in the queue , or buy it from the black market in high prices. he has to maintain the generators many times as they almost depend on them with the absence of electricity most of the day. he has to do shopping and drive to work in a very chaotic and dangerous roads. He is supposed to be retired, in this age .but has to work as life is very expensive. and his pensionary salary is low. although he is an engineer ,with Msc from USA,and served the country along his life with honesty .


Anonymous Roy said...

I can understand your anger at America for invading Iraq and making everything worse than it was. Please understand that many in the USA didn't think that invading Iraq was right.50% of the people didn't vote for Bush. There were no WMD's or connection with 9/11. It was a hugh mistake and the iraqi people are paying a big price for this mistake. American solders are also paying for this mistake. We can only hope and pray that it all works out without much more violence and death.

17 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful family. You deserve better in your life.

19 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mama....I am so sorry. You have every right to be angry...every right to rage. I dont know what to say to you Mama...there really are no words. I cannot begin to imagine what life is like for you and yours. I just hope that the election in the US will possibly bring some positive solutions for you.

Many people around the world are angry with you mama. The invasion of Iraq was nothing but a big lie, perhaps even criminal. Hopefully they will all leave you in peace soon.

I and many others have great faith that the Iraqi people can hold up their own country and rebuild it to its former beauty.


19 August, 2008  
Blogger The Queen said...

I'm very disappointed to see that you would want to deny someone their rights to practice their religion the way that they want. Does it really create a hardship on the country to allow these people (crazy though you might believe) to celebrate as they have for generations before? Would you approve if they decided that Ramadan would be a hardship on the country with all the lost productivity during that month?

If you want peace in your country you will have to learn to allow people the same freedoms you want for yourself.

19 August, 2008  
Blogger lovesmukiwa said...

Thank-you for writing this. I wish the politicians who decided to enter your contry would read, and be impacted by the things you say.
I am not an American, but even my Canadian government has made decisions to occupy countries - these are not the wishes of the citizens here for you.
My sincerest apologies.I am humbled by your comments.

21 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Roy.

Most Americans supported the war in Iraq. When the statues of Saddam fell down in the summer of 2003, support for the war in America was over 90%. The American media have been portraying Iraq now as a great success and very peaceful ... so now many Americans are very glad to have invaded Iraq.

Those that are against the war in America are more interested in shopping and voting for a government that will help Americans with their addiction to buy things pay down their debts.

The Americans major complaint about the Iraq war is the finacial burden put upon the great American people. The so-called "suffering" of the Iraqi people is of little importance to Americans. There is no great movement in America to help assist the over 4 million Iraq refugees ... there is no movement in America that cares to fix Iraq's infrastructure (electricity, schools etc.)

In fact, most Americans don't want to fix any of that anymore and want the Iraqi people to pay for their own reconstruction. Nevermind that the entire Iraqi state was destroyed and Iraqi with the capability to run the state is either banned from joining government, dead, or left the government.

Nothing has really changed in American policy before the "War on Terror." The American people continue to support dictators in the region (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt) who don't want a Shiite majority government in Iraq because many of these great American allies finance America's debt and continue the petrodollar scheme. And these are the same regimes that create these Islamic Wahabi extremists.

The Iraq was an experiment and the Iraqi people should be proud to be part of this great American experiment.

Put it to you another way: if the American people didn't invade your counrty, the Iraqi people would be in the same situation as their socialist couterparts under an authortarian regime in China.

Do you really want to live like the people in China? They have the Olympics in China right now and they are the most sad-looking people that I have ever seen in the world. Recent survey of public opinion in China said that there is no joy, optimism or happiness among its people. It's so strange watching the Olympics and not hearing any cheering.

But hopefully, the American people will learn from the mistakes that were made in Iraq and invade China next.

23 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have every right to be upset. As an American, I'm upset, with you. After the false flag attack called "9/11" I became very angry. I could early on see through the smoke and mirrors, I could see everyone was being LIED to about 9/11. And then I saw the military march toward Iraq. My university held many many marches and protests against invading Iraq. I protested against the invasion of Iraq along with 50+ millions other people, on all seven continents, all on the same day to show our solidarity for peaceful resolutions. Bush called all of us a "focus group" and ignored us. If the world had listened to us and heeded our warning, none of the destruction, none of the atrocities would have taken place.

9/11 was a corporate-military job, Mamma. WAKE UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! WTF aren't you being honest?

28 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a new saying in the USA:

9/11 Truth Ends The War OF Terror.

Think about it:

9/11 Truth Ends The War OF Terror.

The only way to slay this ugly War OF Terror beast is to speak the Truth. 9/11 was an inside job used to facilitate the murder, torture, rape, and destruction of the entire Iraqi society. All for money.

Your "freedom" is more an illusion than ours. We in America are NOT free. But at least the better of us KNOW as much. And the rest of them will learn.

Grand Theft of Federal Degree.

28 August, 2008  
Anonymous Layla Anwar said...

Thank you for a good post. Finally another Iraqi voice rising on blogosphere against the scum of the earth.

01 September, 2008  
Blogger RG said...

"many strange idolatrous rituals, appeared in my country, we didn’t know"

Those are other religions and freedoms that you find disgusting because they don't conform to your belief system. The hatrid that you speak against other religions and ways of life is the hatrid that that people such as Osama Bin Laden used to justify killing 3,000 Americans in New York City and along the East Coast in one hours time. The same hatrid that Saddam Hussein used to justify attacking Iran and Kuwait and killing Kurds and Shiite Iraqis by the tens of thousands during the "good old days" as you call them.

Looks like you have the crazy looney people now supporting you in the comment section who claimed Americans killed 3000 other Americans on 9/11 instead of terrorists. That is the crazies you attract with YOUR point of view.

Well I have news for you. We are not leaving until the right Iraqi's are in charge of your government who will STOP this hatrid of other peoples in Iraq, in the Middle East, and of Americans in America.

Oh, congratulations to the newly married bride and groom.

03 September, 2008  
Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What the Bush Government did in invading and occupying Iraq is a war crime, the worst of all war crimes, agressive war. It is hoped some day they may be held to account. Whenever these war criminals leave the US they will have to be afraid of being arrested and sent to the International Criminal Court.

13 September, 2008  
Anonymous Moroccan said...

On April 16 2003, 74% of US citizens supported the invasion and thought it was the right thing to do.

By that time, at least 7000 Iraqi civilians (recorded by iraqbodycount.com) already lost their lives, many more injured, maimed and traumatized, much of Baghdad's infrastructure was destroyed (bridges, electric grids, telephone networks, civilian government buildings, etc) while the US government and its cheerleading media (embedded journalists) were celebrating the greatness of their invading army.

As anonymous stated, the support for the war declined later because of what they called "mismanagement of the occupation" and because Iraqis (or Hajis as the US army calls your people) didn't appreciate the bomb-wrapped gift of freedom America has dropped on them.

I can tell you as an Arab from Morocco that your suffering will never be forgotten..and that we will teach our children what these people have done to you and to your children with so much impunity.

A new president will be elected and everything Bush has done will be washed away...no accountability for the hundreds of thousands of lives who were buried in the last 5 years in the soil of Iraq. These deaths will simply become a "campaign ticket" to play with in the elections, no more no less. Soldiers coming back from Iraq will be awarded medals for what they have done to you.

Hold on to your children in face of this evil, lah maak.

14 September, 2008  

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