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Sunday, October 16, 2005

To be honest..

I believe that every one who kill innocent people :in their way ,in their houses ,their cars, schools, weddings, relatives' funerals, during shopping , in the mosque, in the church ,etc ( that 's how Iraqis get killed every day) are terrorists.
The bullet could come from the American troops during their fights against those who attacked them, or from the attackers , Or death could happen due to explosion, from a car bomb or mine left in the middle of the roads that are usually used by EVERYONE .
To those who are fighting in the middle of the crowds , you are not warranted to spoil our life safety. YOU ARE ALL TERRORISTS. Who ever you are , what ever you nationality is , what ever your religion is( I don’t thing that those who kill are religious because in every celestial religion killing is not forgivable & not allowed), & What ever your aim is The excuse of ending the occupation is a big lie , although some of you do believe in it , but you are killing your own people , children, women , youths , ALL are innocent .Can't you think for a while about the losses of your country because of you (If you do , you will stop considering your selves as faithful to your country).. . Although I don’t think you truly believe in that .
In the other hand I still don’t rely the troops blindly ,they could shoot randomly as a reaction of an attack they can face at any where and every time , or because of their anger , or hate because of loosing their dear friends .But believe me I relied them three years ago…..


Blogger strykeraunt said...

I am only assuming, but my suspicions are that you are responding to the comments in the previous post. Good for you Mama, and thank you for your honesty.

To be honest, I am one of those Americans who believes that we should not leave Iraq until the Iraqi security can stand on its own. I also believe that the Iraqi security is moving towards that end. However, I also acknowledge that I am not there and therefore can rely only on what I read on the intranet, and hear from our soldiers who have been there. I do watch and read the news from the mainstream media, but don't rely on it as my reliable source. To me the best source are those who are really there. Lately I have been wondering whether staying the course is really the right thing. If I am to believe what some Iraqi bloggers say, then I have to consider that it may be better to pull out sooner rather than later. However, this idea of pulling out sooner really concerns me because I care about what happens to the Iraqi majority after we leave. And, if the Iraqius and the world believes that it is best we leave, and we do...I do not want to ever go back to Iraq to do this all over again. Yes, I do want to see a democratic Iraq but don't think that it needs to be exactly what is present in America. In fact for me, living in a democracy means that things continue to change as the needs of society changes. A democratic society does not mean that everything is perfect, but it gives us the opportunity to move in a direction that is better for the majority.

I read in Sunshine's blog about going out to vote and cleaning the neighborhood. Statements like this give me a the needed hope that has been dwindling in my mind. You and your family are the future I want to see in Iraq.

16 October, 2005  
Blogger Maddog said...

I also agree with strykeraunt when she says "You and your family are the future I want to see in Iraq"

Of all the Iraqi bloggers, you, Mama, and Sunshine seem to be the most adjusted to the facts on the ground.

I, myself, am occasionally caught up in the argument about troop withdrawal. If the Iraqis don't want us there, then we should pull out. But... at what cost? Will Iraq become another terrorist state very much like Afghanistan was? We would not allow that.

You now have the opportunity to govern yourselves and are very close to doing just that. I would very much like to see that happen.

PS - Sunshine is such a beautiful person. Thanks for her picture. I very much enjoy her (and your) perspective. Things are obviously very tough on you now, but hopefully, with time, there will be a future of peace in Iraq. You can't possibly know just how many in the world want that for you.

16 October, 2005  
Blogger Kim said...

I thank you for being so honest and venting your frustrations. Only by your descriptions, can I imagine what life is like for you. You and your family continue to be strong in such challenging circumstances. I believe there is hope in your future. With people like yourselves, there is evidence that Iraq is made up of people who desire change. I pray that you will continue to stay strong and stay safe.

16 October, 2005  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Dearest Mama: What can I add? The previous comments express my thoughts so completely. I love the beautiful picture of Sunshine. For her safety please do not post a current picture of her. I love you and her posts. I hope for peace and prosperity for all good people of Iraq and the rest of the world.
Thank you again for your wonderful and informative posts.

17 October, 2005  
Blogger katerinanna said...

Mama, thank you so much for posting your thoughts and feelings regarding the conflict in Iraq. I have been reading the comments made by yourself and your daughter and am so touched by the struggle that you face every day. It is honestly something that I cannot even imagine. I sincerely hope that in the future, your children and grandchildren will only have history books to read about this time in the history of Iraq and that they will not be living it. I pray that they will one day be able to walk to school in safety and spend their time looking at the leaves in the trees and the birds chirping in the morning rather than burned out cars and bombs going off. Even America went through wars and unrest and death and chaos and civil uphevel before we were able to enjoy the freedoms that we have now and many, many, many of our countrymen, even many young boys, died to ensure that freedom. It is a horrible violent struggle and as you said in one of your blogs that the way to democracy and freedom is so rugged. That is so true. Now we just read about that struggle in our history books and read about the writing of our constitution...you can see the original on display at our nation's capital, and it sometimes seems like a dream that all that unrest ever took place in our country. I will pray continually for your freedom and for your peace for you and for your children and for all of your countrymen and women. May God be with you always.

11 November, 2005  

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