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Thursday, October 13, 2005

For Iraqis only

We should free our selves from us ,to live in peace ,& to rebuilt our country. Many of our functionaries don’t do their jobs in dedication, as teachers, doctors , industrial workers ,engineers etc. Every citizen should be loyal & honest .
Every one of us experienced a bad behavior of some functionaries, when we need some papers to be done ,for example ,or when we have a patient in hospital, or when we have children in schools, or as a student in the university. WHY?
During the last regime, the excuse was low salary , now uncomfortable life , then what?!!!!
The worse model of dedication was when the contractors cheated in reconstructing buildings supposed to be for us….
As a Muslim ,you can never be considered as Muslim ,unless Muslims will be out of harm's way of your hand, or tongue( That how we learned from our prophet Mohammad).Or even for the non Muslims citizens , as an Iraqi we should have a new start to be a faithful citizen to own this country . We learned to be strangers in our country (as it was the X-regime's yes- men country), but now we should exploit this chance to own our country .
We so much need to woke up , free our selves & to depurate our behavior from the sediments of the last episode , when we learned to be uncared for…
That’s what I wanted to say ,for all of us, including my self…..
( hey .. Why did you read this post .. wasn't mentioned that it is only for Iraqis ?! never mind I was just kidding )…


Anonymous Wayne said...

Um Sunshine: Now you have done it. You have said what I have wanted all the good people of Iraq to say for a long time. I love it. The good Iraqi people know much better than the American soldiers who the terrorists are. Kick the terrorists out of your country and the soldiers can go home to their families. I hope your comments don't get you in trouble. Thank you so very much for all of your posts. Thank you also for your wonderful response to the Japanese gentleman who wrote you a few posts back. Your comments to him were absolutely correct as most of your posts are.

13 October, 2005  

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