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Monday, September 19, 2005

The psychological war

Hello dear friends
Every day we are under the pressure of rumors ,the previous regime members ( they are so many ), work hard to destroy us through rumors which are dangerous & effective weapons ( just like what they did in Al-aema bridge ) they killed thousand of people by one rumor, when someone said a man will explode himself , people were panicked & began to run ,they thronged over each other , many of them threw them selves to the river, I know that happened three weeks ago but I wanted to mention it as an example for the rumors danger.
Every day I go to work I face many rumors , although I try to calm my self & to be careful not to be deceived ,but I work outside the town &I am worried about my family safety , so I can't stop worry among these rumors. I hear about people were kidnapped & killed , kids were killed by gun shots while they were leaving their school , I hear about explosions happened in Mosul or Baghdad & hundreds of people were killed ,& so many scary stories .Some of them are true many of them are not.
We can't be aware ,because we don’t have good & innocent local news sources, & not all what happen is mentioned in the other news channels .I feel miserable I should not believe their swearing, or their assertion ,it's too hard I need to be reassured not be more frightened …



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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20 September, 2005  
Anonymous Sara said...

Oh these foolish ad posts make me so angry!

Mama- I am so sad when I read your posts and wish very much that there was something that I, personally, could do to help or at least help make you feel better. I pray that, with the help of our military, a safe and stable way of life will soon be at hand all over your country. There are so many brave Iraqis , like yourself, who keep trying to help their countrymen in many ways, whether by providing medical care ( as you do) or by becoming police officers and helping to make the streets safer for everyone. I can only imagine the fear you suffer every day worrying about your beautiful children and about your own safety, since they need you so much. Please do not give up hope! Since you have decided to share your thoughts here, there are many people who pray for your safety and that of your family. I know that is not something tangible that you can see or touch, but I hope that it helps make you feel less alone.

20 September, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am very disappointed that our military shut down the local Iraqi news media. that is unfair and cannot possibly help the situation. actions like that go against ideals of freedom and democracy. and while i am on the subject, wouldn't a democratic Iraq be allowed to put a clause in the constitution about expelling foreign occupiers and preventing the building of foreign military bases? now that would be freedom.

21 September, 2005  
Blogger programmer craig said...

Hi Mama... does it seem like things are getting better at all, in Mosul? The US media is reporting attacks are down to 6 (Ithink that was the number) a month, down from several per day. That sounds much better, but our news here in the US also seems unreliable. I often hear things on the news that don't match what bloggers are saying.


#am very disappointed that our military shut down
#the local Iraqi news media. that is unfair and
#cannot possibly help the situation.

Can you site that claim? I'm not aware of the US military shutting down any media outlet in Iraq. Not saying it hasn't happened, but if it has, I haven't heard of it.

# and while i am on the subject, wouldn't a
# democratic Iraq be allowed to put a clause in the
# constitution about expelling foreign occupiers

Of course they could.

#and preventing the building of foreign military

Again, of course they could.

But I think what you are driving at is called a "status of forces" agreement. That's the kind of agreement we (the US) have with nations such as South Korea, Germany, Japan and every other nation where the US maintains bases.

But yes, they could put such a thing in the constitution if they chose to. That would be foolish, in my opinion, but they could do it.

#now that would be freedom.

Well, now, that's the general idea, isn't it?

21 September, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In the US and in the "industrial democracies," such as Europe and Japan, there is no shortage of misleading and false stories in the news media and there are some rumors among the people. Each of us, however, has access to many different news sources. They compete strongly with each other to report stories first. Their reputations also depend on their accuracy. With important events, the truth usually catches up quickly with any initial false reports. The news media do share some biases. Sometimes most of them mislead the people about an event. People who are careless about the news may remian deceived. Almost always there are a few news sources that do not have that particular bias. Maybe they will be biased in exactly the opposite direction. If a person cares about the news and searches for different viewpoints, he will eventually hear the truth. Whether he believes it may depend on HIS biases.

Iraq has a long way to go. There are many fine journalists in Iraq, but there are not the same number of experienced news sources nor can most Iraqi newspapers and TV stations afford to hire the numbers of reporters common in the industrial democracies. The conditions Iraqi news media and reporter face are also very different. Recently, an American reporter was murdered in relatively peaceful Basra. More recently, an Iraqi reporter was murdered and in a similar way. The American had written that a small number of Basra policemen were assassinating Iraqis on the orders of some political party. He was killed in the same way as they had been.

Under the Saddam regime, unreliable official news sources made the people dependent on rumors. Now the new news sources are better, but still weak. Some of the insurgents--the Baathists, I assume--have a lot of experience circulating false rumors.

Your best resource is that you are aware of the problem and willing to spend some time and effort to find and verify the truth.

Michael in Framingham

29 September, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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30 October, 2005  
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