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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A day & a half of normal kids life ....

Hi friends
I think sunshine mentioned that we were on vacation , we went to Kurdistan with my parents who came from Baghdad .
Since my parents called us 10 days ago & informed us about their plans to take us with them to the resorts , my kids began to pack their luggage.
They became impatient ,the time passed so slowly .
Unfortunately five days before my parents arrival, I had bad back pain &difficulty in walking , I have an old history of disk problem.
I prayed to be able to walk again & not to disappoint my family ,specially my kids.
I took strong analgesics ,wear my medical back belt &ignored my pain.
I became a little bit better ,I persuaded every one that I became fine .
My kids had a great time , they saw marvelous views, the weather was very nice , every thing was perfect indeed .
Of course sunshine will write every think in details .
My kids had a day & a half of normal kids life filled with fun &laughter. They ran ,claimed ,played in the water ,enjoyed a Kurdish wedding ,saw the mountains ,& the waterfalls.
I beard my pain & it worth it , it was unforgettable trip to my children.
It was difficult to walk in the humped roads .But their smile worth more than that the pain .
Now I should rest for few days …………..
Bye …….


Blogger Kim said...

How wonderful for you family to enjoy that time away! I'm so glad that you were able to get away safely.
I'm sorry you suffer with back pain. Did that start from standing so much with your job? I hope that you have the analgesics to manage the pain.

04 September, 2005  
Blogger Maddog said...

I wish I could have seen Sunshine's face as she was writing about her recent vacation. It was clearly a life experience for her.

It is hard to "grin and bear it" when you hurt from back pain. I know. But you did and Sunshine is now so very happy.

My back went out in the early 80's after one too many motocross racing accidents. I have been through therapy several times since. Not one of the pain medicines the doctors prescribed ever worked. Not one. Take 1 or take 10 and... nothing. I'm sure you know what I'm saying.

Several months ago, my back went out and I suffered two months without sleep. Your mind can play tricks on you when this happens. I did decide to do some research on the internet for help and found it. My pain is a result of Sciatica, the pain that results from squeezing of the Sciatic nerve running down the back. It's a nervous pain that persists all the way down to my feet.

The article I read explained that if I would sleep ONLY on my side, left or right, the nerve would not be placed in a pressure situation. So... I trained myself not to sleep on my back or stomach. It was difficult at first, but I did it.

For the first time in 25 years, I'm now able to sleep 5-8 hours a day, instead of the normal 2-3.

Funny, not one of my expensive doctors told me this before.

If this type of pain is the pain you experience, I would try this method.


04 September, 2005  
Anonymous Wayne said...

You are a fantastically wonderful mother. To hide the awful pain so your children can enjoy a few days of fun and freedom from the fear of war is commendable. I hope that you are feeling better by now. Maybe Maddog's recommendation will work for you. Let's hope so. Thank you for being such a caring mother and for writing for us.

04 September, 2005  
Blogger Jack Bennett said...

It was very brave and wonderful of you to ignore your own pain so your kids could enjoy their holiday.

06 September, 2005  
Blogger mama said...

Dear sir your are right I do complain from Sciatica & my doctor advised me not to sleep on my back & that I should put a thin pillow between my knees thank you very much for your concern
Take care
Mama ….

08 September, 2005  
Blogger mama said...

Dear sir your are right I do complain from Sciatica & my doctor advised me not to sleep on my back & that I should put a thin pillow between my knees thank you very much for your concern
Take care
Mama ….

08 September, 2005  
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16 November, 2005  
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