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Monday, August 15, 2005

What was his guilt?....

A dear friend and a brother in law of my husband's uncle was murdered few months ago .I was shocked I couldn't believe that any one can kill a guy like him (R.).R. was a very friendly guy ,famous with his lovely smile He was so loved by every one specially his family ,his wife(she is a teacher) ,19 years old son ,24 years old daughter & 12 years old daughter. He used to stay home to look after his old blind mother in spite of he was handicapped.
He lost his leg years ago though an accident during work(he was an agricultural specialist ). . But he had a great will. After the accident he worked as a carpenter in his house.
After the downfall of Mousul ,he demanded to work as a translator in the governorate building , he was accepted . He used to appear in the TV . of Nainava . when the Iraqis had their own lordship ,he quit to work at home again for one of the humanitarian organizations that assist handicapped Iraqis, he was hired as an accountant. they gave him a computer, he started to work at home organizing their files & accounts. He was so pleased with his new job ,because it is easier than carpentry ,much more lucrative, but the more important reason is ,it is very healsome to people he can very well affectionate with.
At the ominous day ,he took his children to school & came back home , his neighbor saw a car with 3 men waiting for him .
He entered his garage, left his car &took his crutches. Just then the terrorists debarked from their car to shower him with their bullets.
why? what was his guilt?....
From the terrorists point of view his Job is his guilt & he deserved to be killed.
That's unfair ..who gave them the right to judge him & to execute him..
Recently his daughter graduated ,she is now a pharmacist . she was so sad that her dear father missed her graduation . his mother used to eat from his own hands ,she used to enjoy his company along the day .now we all miss him .
Please pray for us …..


Blogger Kim said...

Yes that is so unfair. There is such evil in this world that it is hard to see the blessings in life. Keep writing Mama and continue to share the cry of your heart. I will continue to pray for your family and country. Kim

16 August, 2005  
Blogger Maddog said...


Every now and then I read about memories of the Saddam days where death was... Here is an account by 2Slick (an American military blogger) retelling accounts by Iraqis of Saddam's days:


"During one supply run in downtown Mosul, the shop owner's sister (a widow and mother of 4) told me about the time she and her young children watched as Saddam's henchmen showed up at their door, dragged her husband into the front yard, and shot him in the back of the head. He was an Iraqi Air Force pilot, and he was suspected of saying "bad things" about the regime. Stories like that found us pretty much anywhere we went. People would wait their turn to thank us with tears in their eyes- sharing stories of loved ones who never lived to see their nation on the cusp of freedom."

I can't imagine Iraqis wanting to return to the days of Saddam. I can only hope that Iraqi's themselves will do "anything" they can do to effect their lives so that these instances will NEVER happen again.

It seems that in Mosul, things are changing. I hope it continues.

Good luck to you Mama and please keep us informed.


17 August, 2005  
Blogger olivebranch said...

Indeed, I have read one too many of them stories now..... So many people have posted stories of family members, each one makes us sad...

I pray his family will survive the struggle ahead.......

do what you can to help them!


17 August, 2005  
Blogger dancewater said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

25 August, 2005  
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