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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A complaining mother....

Nice to write to you again
When my daughters were at their schools, I kept waiting them in every day. I had many bad times during this school year. Sunshine had trapped in her way to school or in her way back home for several times. Once she couldn’t catch her mid year physics exam, because of traffic jam. The roads were locked; she kept out there in our dangerous roads for 3 hours. We kept calling her, on her mobile phone to give her driver the suggested roads, after we asked about the opened roads.
Some times Explosions occur near her school, I keep trying to call her school to see if she was Ok, (that wasn’t easy because of the bad phone services).
Her sister suffered in the same way. I will not write the details, because Sunshine wrote about those bad memories, for reminder her post (Bad day in my memory) that was the worst day in my life.
I had to go through all that fear &worry along this year .I pray that the coming year will be better.
Now my kids are in summer holiday, I want them to have fun& to enjoy their holiday. We can’t take them out, I can’t take them to Baghdad, As I used to visit my parents. It’s not safe. Therefore I try so hard to find away to fill their time.
I encourage them to do some handmade work; I want sunshine to write through her blog about her life, her feelings, her diary & dreams.
However, she suffers because of the bad electricity, internet, & phone services.
Some times she become really sad &angry, instead of enjoying her success in obtaining readers & friends .she could be chatting with friends or publishing or enjoying reading the comments, and the line disconnect for tens times or even don’t get reconnection. Many times, she couldn’t get internet connection for several days. Again, I can’t help her to stop her suffering.
Sunray my younger daughter, sometimes feel depressed, she is active she need to run, to play. she has energy,& she need to vent it.
She spends the day swimming in her little swimming pool, watching cartoons, or spending an hour with her computer programs (if sunshine was not monopolizing the computer).
I whish we have swimming pools, children cities& tourist places.
Moreover, I need a safe life for them. Safe & happy.
I wish they can sleep comfortably, rather than to sleep in a50 C with the air conditioner switched off.
It is painful to see them sweating, and unable to breath.
Next time I will write about my routine day at work…..
Mama …


Blogger Kim said...

My heart weeps with yours Mama when you describe the pain you feel for your children. You have many challenges in your country at this time. I pray that these things will change for the better. We all want our children safe and happy. Our worlds may be far apart but so much of what is in our hearts as mothers is very much the same.

03 August, 2005  
Blogger Libby said...

I read your post with sadness, Mama. Although you titled it "complaining", I read it as a lament. I too hope your prayers are answered.


03 August, 2005  
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