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Thursday, October 13, 2005

What a day.....

Today was another bad day in my daughters life , Sunshine talked about her day briefly in her post .
Mariam who is only 7 years old had her own bad experience too . The schools here in Mosul compels the pupils to come to school by the exams. After two hours in school the teachers realized that things are getting worse , they released the pupils to go back home without waiting for their buses , their parents & their hired cars. Even without calling their families ( so irresponsible).
A 12 years old pupil from the same school ,came to our house to tell us that our daughter is crying alone in the street .
My husband immediately went to bring her back home , she kept crying ,she was so scared …
I was tense all the day yesterday waiting for sunshine ,I heard many explosions during the day , I couldn’t reach her by phone, the phone lines in our neighborhood is disconnected , her mobile phone show out of the coverage area . I was relieved when she came although she was so angry & scared .
Then what happened to Mariam upset me so much .
After that tough day I had bad headache (Migraine) ,I had to stay in bed for the rest of the day….
I am so angry , the teachers do not have mercy , they are so selfish& irresponsible ………..
Mama ….


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