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Friday, October 14, 2005

Tomorrow is a big day....

Tomorrow is suppose to be the big day (referendum day)…
I can't made up my mind about………….. what shall I do?
What shall I choose ?...am I be safe?
If I go( from the point of view that I should have a role in my country's arising) ,but I don't have the last transcription of the rectified constitution ,I refuse the idea of following a party ,or any other political group ,& they read the constitution for me & decide what I should choose… I can't trust any political direction ,& indeed I don't trust politicians…..
If I go & threat my life for sharing & deciding my children's future & to determine their life figure , Will that referendum be authentic? shall I be back safe to my children ?...............
If I will have a chance to read the rectified constitution & said YES, for something I am not even satisfied with , I will regret that for the rest of my life ( hope to have long one ),If I choose NO ,we will be back to the disarray again.
Believe me I asked everyone I know about their opinion , they did not made up their mind too ,we are all confused ..
The media here concentrate about the decision , & how we should all say YES ! but they don't mention YES for what ?! They don't discuss the constitution items & it's returns ….
How wearied ?! A very Important decision for our country ,in a very important stage , & the media here don't make any effort to explain the constitution ………..
Mama ….


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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14 October, 2005  
Blogger madtom said...

Mama you can read the changes here

And the old full text here

I would not worry too much about the change, it's just that the constitution can be amended once after the new parliament is elected, then after that you have to wait the original 8 years till you can amend it again. Or at least that's what I think. I agree it's a bit confusing last minuet changes that no one knows what they are... If you would like my opinion, just ask, you'll be sorry you did though!

14 October, 2005  
Blogger Maddog said...


The "constitution" has been amended by your elected "peers" to be inclusive of the feelings of the Sunnis who boycotted the previous elections. This will make this election a total Iraqi election to include those "elected" officials who have the duty to determine what they will "agree" to. You will not know what what they have given their "OK" to, but they DO represent you. If that is some consolation, then you will surely have less fear.

In short, they have given their "OK" to a process that will allow Iraq to proceed in the future towards a "normal" life. That's good in my opinion.

Please note: there will be those "naysayers" who will post against "anything" an American will post. That... is a given. I, myself am "for" the Iraqi future.

Your life will be "determined" by this vote. Please think about this.

14 October, 2005  
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