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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I made up my mind ...

I hurdled my fears & maze & went to VOTE . we were only few people because It was only 8 in the morning , but I saw many people standing out side their houses espying .
Then at the midday the number of voters very much increased .
Any way I had a different opinion among my family members ( my husband& parents in law).
In our the neighborhood there were four centers for referendum , thanks to Allah everything went fine .
My conclusion is this, people voted YES to prostrate terrorism , and to get rid of the disarray life we live right now & not YES for the constitution it self.
And those who said NO said it to reject the idea of obeying orders from those who institute that everyone should say YES for a constitution, which very few had the chance to have a look at in the last few hours before referendum .
Stay safe ….
Mama …


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 October, 2005  
Blogger Maddog said...


Your "peers" have come to an agreement by which they agree to meet each other in the middle in a democratic situation. That... alone... should make you more comfortable.

Your relatives who believe in the power of the Mujahid should take notice. Wishing death to Americans is not the best idea but... some of your relatives see it that way. By doing so they immediately become enemies of the US. That's so very unfortunate. The USA is behind you all the way. We are not there to hurt you but to help you. One day... they (your relatives) will begin to notice the change in Iraq. I know I do.

Democracy is the power of the "people". Yes, you and your neighbors describing the nature and being of your neighborhood, your local government, and your national government.

To have a say... Wow!

To come together. To look at each other and know that there actually is a consensus among yourselves.

To vote as an individual with your own choice is astounding to Iraqis.

Please pass this day to your children and everyone you know, for there will never will be another instance like today!

15 October, 2005  
Anonymous Tom Bowler said...

Congratulations on your vote. I salute your bravery.

15 October, 2005  
Blogger olivebranch said...

Mama, I am glad you voted.

Voting Yes and voting No are both done by most Iraqi's for the same reason.

Many iraqi's voting YES for the constitution, do not necessarily support it.

They are voting against the current situation, voting to have new elections that will hopefully bring more representation of the people.

They are voting against a stagnant political process and the country degrading into a civil-war.

They are voting against having to start the process all-over-again.

They are voting to have the American troops out sooner, because without a constitution and a new government elected- the Americans wont leave.

and Maddog- you do not know if Mama supports the Mujahid. Indeed it seems you do not even know what they are, or whether the US government declares them enemies.

- if you read this Maddog, I have a post for you and many others like you on my blog (well, will have in half an hour)

go read it, because I don't want to argue on Mama's blog.


Najma & hnk & Truth Teller are not your enemies. But if the US labels them so and decides to kill them, I am sure I would be your enemy, Mama would be too, so would Sunshine, so would every other family member and friend.

Think before you move your fingers.

15 October, 2005  
Blogger programmer craig said...

Hi Mama, I'm glad you voted too! To me, it doesn't even matter which way you voted, I'm just glad that you did :)

Now, since Olivebranch posted a reply to maddog that is about 3 times longer than your post was, Mama, I feel the need to reply to him here. Feel free to delete my comment, but if you do, I hope that you delete his as well.

# Voting Yes and voting No are both
# done by most Iraqi's for the same
# reason.

When did you become an Iraqi? Najma has a post from a few days ago where she talks about the arrogance of non-Iraqis talking about how things are in Iraq... did you read it?

I snipped the rest of the "reasons Iraqis voted" that you listed because, frankly, you don't have any more of an idea about what motivates Iraqis than I do. I left this last assumption in because I think it's relevant to Mama's blog:

# They are voting to have the
# American troops out sooner,

Are they? Is that what most Iraqis want? Is that what mama wants? That's not what she said in her interview that she put on her blog last week, is it? If she's changed her mind I would like to hear about it. I am currently debating with myself if I should start agitating to have US forces withdrawn from Iraq immediately. I've seen some Iraqi bloggers say that's what they want. I'd like to know how mama feels about this, actually.

# the Americans wont leave.

Now you are an expert on Americans as well!? :D

# and Maddog- you do not know if
# Mama supports the Mujahid.

Yes he does, and so would you if you read her interview, and her comments.

# Indeed it seems you do not even
# know what they are,

From WIkipedia:

"In the late twentieth century, the term "mujahideen" became popular in the media to describe various armed fighters who subscribe to Islamist ideologies, although there is not always an explicit "holy" or "warrior" meaning within the word."

Which seems to be the usage Najma meant on her blog. It's the usage everyone *means* when they say the word. It means "one who engages in jihad" - quite literally, Olivebranch.

# or whether the US government
# declares them enemies.

LOL... so, the jihadis may not be the enemies of US troops in Iraq? Do you seriously expect anybody to buy into that idea?

#- if you read this Maddog, I have a
# post for you and many others like
# you on my blog (well, will have in
# half an hour)

Why do you assume Maddog and people "like him" want to read your blog? I've been to your blog. I didn't like what I saw. I haven't been back. Your commenters are anarchists and terrorist supporters. Literally. I especially liked that guy who calls himself "anarki" - those are just the people I want to hear from!?

# go read it, because I don't want
# to argue on Mama's blog.

Bit late for that, isn't it? You popped a whole post in her comment section :p

# Najma & hnk & Truth Teller are not
# your enemies.

They aren't MY enemies, but Najma at the least is an enemy of the United States, by her own words. She supports America's enemeies, in a war zone. That's pretty much the defintion of "enemy national."

# But if the US labels them so

She labelled herself, so. I have no idea why. But she did. I don';t think anybody will take her too seriosuly though, because she's 18. But then again, many of the American troops that she wants to see dead are also 18, so who knows...

# and decides to kill them

Enemy nationals are non-combatants. To kill them would be murder.

Generally speaking, enemy nationals are not treated any differently than anybody else, as long as they don't provide support to enemy combatants.

And that's a line I for one hope Najma never crosses, for her sake. I like Najma. I like this whole family. Even Truthteller :)

# I am sure I would be your enemy

I'm pretty sure, based on your blogging and your comments, that you already are! But don't worry about it. You aren't in a war zone.

# Think before you move your
# fingers.

You do the same. You claim to be a peace activist. Act like one. I've seen you advocate violence and war and revolution on more than one occassion. Are you really against war, or just THIS war?

16 October, 2005  
Anonymous Sara said...

Mama- I am so happy that you voted! The fact that you COULD vote is a reason to celebrate! I will not get into ANY of the specific political discussions here, but will only say that if people did not like this draft constitution then they SHOULD have voted against it... this is what democracy is all about! People should vote for what they believe in or supportand against what they do not like or support! Understanding all aspects of a participatory democracy takes time, but the first step is to understand that each person has an equal chance to show what they feel by their vote. The fact that there was disagreement within your family - yet you each went and voted - is an imporatnt lesson for your children, also. COngratulations again!

16 October, 2005  
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