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Monday, June 19, 2006

Human with no rights.


"Human rights" that are nowadays being familial to us, are NOT for free, righteous citizens. It's only for criminals, killers, thieves, terrorists and of course for Saddam and his partners… How?
- As they are under the vision of human rights organizations, they get good meals, where Pepsi, sweets, fruits are included in every day's food menu, where as the children everywhere live in deprivation.
- Our children are also jailed in their own houses but without any excuse, we can't take them out for fun, it's too dangerous.
- They don't worry about their safety, while we face danger everywhere in Iraq.
I did not hear about a bombs or suicide cars in the Iraqi jails ….
In the second exam my daughter and her class mates, continued their exam although there was heavy shooting in the street, and so much blasts, they had to put their fears aside and continue their test.
Last Monday I counted the exploded mines in the road that lead to my work, they were 7 large craters.

-They have electricity, and sleep under comfortable room temperature, that are well cooled at summer and very well heated in winter. While now we live in 45 c with no electricity, and no fuel to operate our generator. Our kids are suffering and they did nothing wrong and did not hurt any body. My daughter Sunshine has her exams in a very hot classroom; they don't even have a fan, with no curtains on the windows to protect the students from the burning sun, with the many examiners in one class in such high temperature, it is very hard to concentrate.
-They get good medical care, while we can hardly find doctors now days..As the doctors are being threatened, murdered or left the country because of all those reasons. The medications in the markets are from very bad resources, they are not effective.
-They can call their families every two weeks, I have no phone connection with my parents who live in Baghdad, I can't visit them the roads are not safe, and the weather is soooo hot.
-They know their rights, while we don't believe we have any.
enjoy your rights.