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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Only two hours a day.....

Electricity for two hours a day.. that was what we get in the last few days. That means I should do so many things in these two hours , I should use the carpet cleaner , do the laundry , ironing ,I should prepare the bathroom as we need heater , we all should have our shower during these two hours , because the weather is cold now in Mosul, then I should hurry to use the hair drier!! some times I need the microwave to defrost some food or I need to use the computer to talk to my sister ,relatives, friends, , or to write a post or read & send e- mails. so many things should be done in a limited time ,and some times we get the electricity in a bad time for example after midnight , or I am out .It is so hard to live without electricity.
At work the generator was idle ,some times I am in the middle of an operation ,and the electricity is suddenly out of work, we can't continue ,the patient is under local anesthesia , and as faster the operation can be done ,the less post operative complications could occur.….
Of course many other things are badly affected due to the lack of electricity, like those who need it in their work ,as in the factories , ,computers of the banks and others, not necessarily there are generators everywhere , although they are common nowadays….
As the Iraqis are well-known to be chaotic , you can (or probably you can't) imagine how the things are in the crowded streets without traffic lights ….can you? ….
I will leave the rest bad effects like the "economical" for your imaginations…..



Anonymous Temo said...

Mama, I salute your resolve and bravery. Your current post and your previous post are very much related. I complete understand why you feel hopeless. I also understand that filling hopeless is not the same as giving up. You are obviously a strong woman who not for minute has thought in giving up before insurmountable hopelessness.

I decried all those that come to your blog to promote Pax Americana. I shall also note that many of them leave post under anonymous. They presume to be brave and to have advice to help you, but they don’t have the guts to identify themselves even with a nickname. They take your pain and suffering and cowardly use it to present the occupiers of your country as the saviors. Some even dare to give you examples of the great misery of others as to show you how weak you are. Other will proclaim the magnanimity of the USA by pointing out to “their success stories” such as South Korea and Japan neglecting to tell you that many in those countries do not want them there and don’t agree with their policies. Yes, the great American heroes will come to your aid, but it comes with a caveat: you do as your told or you pay the consequences! Someone even warned you about not becoming like Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. How ominous and sinister is that! This person is actually warning you that if you don’t do as your are told by your occupiers you can count with a heavy doses of sanctions, military coups, and assassination attempts. Oh, I forgot you have already experience that; haven’t you? Didn’t the CIA support Saddam’s coup? Let’s not forget that they also machinated the overthrow of Mossadeq in Iran. How about mentioning some of the USA failures that far outnumber their so call “successes”. Let’s not forget that all the countries that were once “helped” by the US currently house American military bases. How about some of their failures now: Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Jamaica, The Philippines, Iran, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In these countries previously mentioned, the US policies have either brought a dramatic economic collapse, loss of territory, or ruthless despots to power. If America really cared about you, it would have not encourage Saddam to attack Iran, it would have stopped Saddam from invading Kuwait since Saddam made his intention clear to US and when the US said nothing he thought there would be no major consequences, it would have not impose sanctions that killed more than half a million Iraqis, and it would have not complete destroy your infrastructure and kill more than 100,000 of your civilians in an illegal war. Those who believe America is there to help you should go The Project For the New American Century website to really now the intensions of the empire.

I will not diminish your suffering with analogies of other overcoming miserable situations, because no one should have to be in the situation that you are. I will only convey to you my admiration and my desire for thing to get better for you. I absolutely understand what you are going through. Those who comfortably sit on plush couches in the US and around the world should not insult you by telling you that you should not feel hopeless. Feel hopeless all you want girl. I know you are strong and will prevail against all odd because you already have.


24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Mark said...


Unlike Temo, I will not attempt to use you for my own political reasons and will not post a long diatribe of my long-standing political beliefs that have nothing to do with you or your life.

I will simply say I am sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I know you are a strong person and you will deal with it the best way you can. I hope things get better soon. God Bless you and your family. Take care.

24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Temo said...

Dear Mark,

Facts are not diatribe!!

Mama’s situation is directly link to the imperialist, political, and economic ambitions of others. How can you say that it has nothing to do with her life? It has everything to do with her current situation! Perhaps everything is just Mama’s illusion. Perhaps the bombing and destruction of Iraqi infrastructure have nothing to do with the fact that she only has Electricity two hours a day. Perhaps the bomb that almost killed her cousin M at Al–mahmoodeya hospital is just diatribe or an illusion that has nothing to do with her life. It is much easer to whitewash the cruel really with simplistic sentimentally isn’t?

How insulting it must be for her to get such condescending comments.


24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Mark said...


24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Temo said...

Of course, what else could you say?

24 November, 2005  
Blogger annckay said...

My heart goes to the Iraqis..ur courage to stay on and live..my prayers are with u.

24 November, 2005  
Anonymous rg said...

temo wants the 27 countries in Iraq who are fighting with the Iraqis against these mad elements in the country to leave.

You see, temo really wants you to lose your right to have a blog. Temo wants you to lose your right to have a cell phone. Because the people who are doing this are the extremists of Islam, Temo wants your daughters to no longer be allowed to go to school.

You see, Temo is ignorant, and you see, it could be a whole lot worse.

24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Temo said...

Thanks Rg,

Let me start by stating that you seem to have learned well from Mr. Bush and have mastered the politics of fear to justify barbaric actions.

It is very comforting to be called ignorant. I suppose you are an Iraqi residing in Iraq and you know the makeup of all the different resistance factions. I also suppose that you are not Sunni. In my view, ignorant were those who supported the invasion of Iraq and believed the invaders were going to be welcomed with flowers and happy dancing Iraqis. In my opinion, ignorant were all those who believed the lies Bush told about WMD’s and the Al-Qaeda connection to Iraq. Ignorant are those who still believe that America wants to help Iraqis after seeing that only the oil ministry and oil infrastructure were protected by the invaders. Listen, I new the messy situation was going to happened and I new there were no weapons of mass destruction or an Al-Qaeda connection. How come Bush didn’t? What did you know?

The quagmire Iraq is in at this time was predicted by all those who new the situation in Iraq. By the way, as I understand it, women had far more rights, opportunities to develop, and felt safer under Saddam than they do now. Was Saddam a tyrant? Yes, he was! Was a devastating war that complete destabilized the country and threatens to do the same with the whole region the solution? No! The whole world took to the streets by the millions to stop this war, because the whole world new it was wrong!

I want Mama to be safe and her daughter to reach their full potential, but as long as the Americans occupy the country that is not possible.

Please don’t even bring up the coalition as a justification of the war. The majority of the countries involved are participating symbolically with just a few troops, others were coerced into it, and yet others participated against the will of their citizens.

Yes, now you are real worried about Islamist extremist who have penetrated Iraq because of the situation the Americans have created. It is very disingenuous to justify the occupation because of a problem the occupiers have created. If America really wants peace in Iraq, it either needs to allow all the Iraqi parties including the Islamic extremist to agree on a neutral multinational force that can keep the peace while things get sorted out or it needs to allow the UN to put such a force together. Whatever the solution is, it must include the complete removal of American troops.

I suppose the American generals that have stated that the American presence is fueling the insurrection and the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis who recently developed a joint communiqué asking for a time table of the withdrawal of the American troops are also ignorant.

Also, here is a little article dated July 29, 2005 from NPR that sort of contradicts what you are saying:

American officials still believe the majority of Iraqi insurgents are Sunni Muslims and former Baathist Party members. But those forces have been joined in recent months by significant numbers of other Sunnis, who've become increasingly opposed to the U.S. presence, and by a smaller but powerful contingent of foreign fighters.

Here is another paragraph dated September 23, 2005 from The Christian Science Monitor:

The US and Iraqi governments have vastly overstated the number of foreign fighters in Iraq, and most of them don't come from Saudi Arabia, according to a new report from the Washington-based Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS). According to a piece in The Guardian, this means the US and Iraq "feed the myth" that foreign fighters are the backbone of the insurgency. While the foreign fighters may stoke the insurgency flames, they make up only about 4 to 10 percent of the estimated 30,000 insurgents.

Wasn’t the Sunni led government secular?

Yes, the insurgency is getting more and more radical, but that is a natural consequence of America’s action and if the Americans continue the occupation it will only get worst.

I guess there are a whole bunch ignorant people all over the world.

24 November, 2005  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

Is the poor supply of electricity due to sabotage by the same people who aim car bombs at hospitals? I think so. They aim to create chaos and misery for all Iraqis.

25 November, 2005  
Anonymous rg said...

temo you are a usefull idiot to cock roach terrorists around the world...

25 November, 2005  
Anonymous Kristie said...

I was almost angry until I kept reading temo's posts....Mama - he is what we in America call the Democrats; spouting such drivel and lies as fact and just showing his utter hatred for America. It would take your whole page to comment with facts and generally a waste of time for someone like Temo. With all of our faults, we have the best intentions of creating a better life for you & your family, however, you may have to work alittle to have it when all is said and done. I'm guessing you didn't mean for your comments section to become a political crossfire forum but please know that the US troops are not your enemy and are not causing or creating your problems irregardless of what some may think. Believe me when I say the US troops want desperately to come home and are not at all interested in occupying Iraq.
It is interesting, for lack of a better word, to see how the people think and feel about what is going on although I hope all are not brain-washed and ungrateful as some seem to be to all of the lives lost and billions spent to make a better life for the people of Iraq. You and your family are in my prayers daily.

01 December, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Temo is being truthful and backing up his claims with evidence. Calling Temo names will not change the facts, although it is apparent that some of you desperately wish it were so. I visit this blog and many others like it, in an effort to feel the pain experienced by this tragedy called war. It is not our place to force western idealogy onto this forum, but obviously politics go into almost every comment. The only thing that bothers me, is when somebody speaks the truth, they are silenced or demonized by warmongers. We are all human beings, are we not?

01 December, 2005  
Anonymous Sandy said...


Bless you and your family. May your worries end soon and may you have your beautiful Iraq back soon.

It is a gift from you that you share your thoughts, your time and your experiences with us. Thank you so much.

16 December, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this and your daughter's site and I e-mailed your daughter but have not heard back. I told her to tell you that I was in Mosul and I was helping with the electricity but I was on the right bank and I think you live on the west? I would like to help you. Sunshine has my e-mail address, tell her to contact me so I can tell you of what I was able to do to help people in Mosul get more electricity.
God bless you and keep you safe.
- US officer

24 December, 2005  
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