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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am back ...

Oh ,I am back ….
It seems like I was in another world .
Anyway two days ago I saw a report in TV about animals police inUSA That was amazing , how wonderful ,how affectionate those policemen are. I remembered those policemen in the villages we visited with the ambulatory clinic , we need so many of them in Iraqi villages ,my heart was broken , the animals are uncared for , you can't imagine how bad the situations are. But maybe you will , if I described the people life there . What I saw was beyond description , children surviving among ,poverty , illness , & asperity of the life & of the desperate parents. The kids should endure the cold weather with barefoot ,& light clothes . They should endure pain & illness , because the parents can't afford for the treatment ,whereas the governmental hospitals are more poor than those patients. I saw miserable cases , so many orphans, many heartbreaking stories , so many handicapped people ,blind ,deaf kids ,one of the reasons behind that is the irradiants materials were buried in these areas by the X regimen . And those people were used to dig , without warning them about the hazard of handling these materials . Then after the collapse of the x-regimen, these people stole the equipments ,& machines from the Factory that deal with radioactive materials. We also knew that those areas don't receive drinking water from the nearby water project ,they have to buy it with the same water tank cars that were used by the government to transfer hazardous radioactive materials (uranium), & those cars are still used to bring drinking water to the villages..
I told you it is beyond description ..........
The only good benefit of this program is to vaccinate the pupils in schools , whom they are only small ratio of the children in the villages ….
I will go to my parents house in Baghdad to spend "Eed" there hope to heal my wounds………
Wish me safe trip my dears….


Blogger Hassan said...

Life in the Big cities of Iraq is not very good itself, so what did we expect life in villages will be. It is below human needs I'm sure. Hopefully this Eid will heal a lot of wounds.

29 October, 2005  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Mama, I am so happy to know that you are back home safe. I am extremely sorry to hear of the conditions that exist in the village. To help you I want you to know that I was born into poverety almost 75 years ago. My parents were not educated but had the intelligence to insist that Me and my 8 brothers and sisters go to school and get an education. That education allowed me to climb out of poverty and enjoy life. Education is the most important thing we can stress for all children. I wish them and you safety and success. Happy Eed. I thought you would like this link. It kind of expresses my dream now.

29 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mama.... I tried to send this email, but it choked, so I will post it here, even though it is more public than I would like.

I really appreciate your blog and I learn so much from you.

I was really attracted to the picture of Sunshine you posted... how beautiful she is, but I would guess it is an older photo when she was younger, is that right? She reminds me of my oldest daughter at about age 8, now in her 30s. I would guess that Sunshine's momma is just as beautiful as her daughter.

But I am really curious about the dress Sunshine is wearing. It looks like she is wearing a sash of some kind around her waist. I have not seen anything quite like it. Can you explain plese?

I want you to know that every time I read Sunshine's blog I am filled with happiness, pride and admiration for this very, very intelligent and courageous girl. She speaks so clearly and wisely from the heart. I know you must be very proud of her. I would be if she were my daughter.

I wish you a safe journey to Baghdad and great happiness to you and your family for Eed.

Best regards,
Dan C. (dcline@cox-internet.com)

29 October, 2005  
Blogger strykeraunt said...

When my nephew was in Mosul they took a trip through a village that sounds similar to what you describe. However, he didn't know why the people were in such bad condition (besides the extreme poverty) I actually shared his story about village recently in a class that I am taking. It is very very sad when people have to live that way, and no one seems to step in and help them out to the extend that they should be helped.

The living conditions you describe are just horrid!! It seems that there are some simple things that could be done to dramatically improve the situation. The medical treatment could probably be reduces some if preventive measures were put into place. If they are hauling water in the same trucks that hauled uranium that is horrible. In addition, if the children had shoes on their feet the amount of infections could be dramatically reduced.

However, you also wrote about the toxic waste that is buried in the area. If this is the case, it was probably not properly sealed before it was buried. Unfortunately these people will continue to be sick as long as they live in the village.

This is very very sad but I am thankful that you shared it here.

29 October, 2005  
Anonymous Hillbilly said...

Mama, I wanted to wish you, Sunshine and the rest of your family a happy and safe Eed. I am sorry that Rose, Ahmed and Farah can not be there to celebrate with you. I hope that you will give Rose our regards if you have contact with her.

29 October, 2005  
Blogger America Is Fucked said...

Mama, I'm glad you're safe! I hope all is well with your family too. I read your blog everyday and if you dont post, I worry about you! I sent your daughter an email with some pictures I thought you and her might enjoy. Even if you dont want to write a whole blog, at least let us know you're alright everyday. Take care and stay safe, please!

29 October, 2005  
Blogger olivebranch said...

I had many things to say to you Mama, but when reading the other comments i guess they were just mostly already said.

I have already prayed for you & sunshine, and I will let you in on a secret:

Until Khalid was detained, I had never truely believed in praying. I had respected others belief in it, and that it may work for them, but only since Khalid's detention have I truely believed in the uses of prayer.

Iraqi' blogs and people like Sunshine and yourself have made me believe in this, for it is the intelligent though average iraqi's that believe in prayer.

In perth- very few people believe in prayer, and those who do have their own societies. I am not part of one of those, though I would like to be involved in the Religious Society of Friends- because they respect all religion.

I pray, have prayed and will pray for your safe journey.

I also know that this Eed will bring you and your family a much needed relief. I believe this Eed and the current circumstances may be a very good combination.

You all understand the "need for Eed" and the need for help- better now than ever before...

Love + Prayers


30 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

safe journey and a happy Eid, mama

30 October, 2005  
Blogger Kim said...

I hope that you have returned safely Mama.

02 November, 2005  
Blogger Jack Bennett said...

I hope your wounds and your heart are healed as well this Eid, Mama, with your family. You are really courageous and deserve some peace.

04 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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06 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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08 November, 2005  
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