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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Excuse me for that ..

To those who are still optimistic about Iraq future , I doubt that I agree with you I know you want to see the democracy in my free country ,but you don't see what I see
I can't be sure about the shiny future ahead ,while I can see death , devastation, sadness in the children's eyes ,I saw the residues of beloved Baghdad , where is the beauty of our capital ?, there are only destructed buildings ,blocked streets , dirts everywhere . sadness in every eye, bad stories in Eed , deep sighs from every Iraqi , sicknesses without cure , moreover , so many new Sadaams in the Iraqi new government .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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09 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you see death and destruction all around you. I don't know what that is like. But I have to say keep the faith. I know that must be a hard thing to do in these times. But faith will get you through. If you loose faith what is left? Nothing.

09 November, 2005  
Blogger ArabLady said...

well.. be sure that all the world is with the iraqi ppl body and soul..this is the result of the unjustified occupation...believe me those who claim that they want free iraq are the ones who want it to be week...

10 November, 2005  
Blogger thepatriot15 said...

I do not want to seem desrespectful, and I do not live in Iraq so I cannot speak in total confidence... but you and your family seem to be well off, as in money... could it be that the poorer people in your city and country were exposed to more hardship than you were? Maybe it does seem as if we are only tearing down and not building up, but I think that for many former slaves of Saddam Hussein now have the hope for a future.

I know that rebuilding is hard, and I will be praying for you.

10 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I so admire you for your dedication to Sunshine and it always moves me to see you so concerned for her future. I know things seem bleak now, and you may have little to encourage you to think they will get better. But there is one thing that you have that should encourage you above all others. You have the spirit of the Iraqi people. I have read dozens of Iraqi blogs whose writers are on all ends of the spectrum of opinion. The one thing that unites all of them is that they are not happy with the way Iraq is right now.

Since all of you will be involved in selecting those who will chart the future of Iraq, you all will have the opportunity to vote for somebody who represents your feelings. You can likewise encourage your friends and family to do the same. It may take time...lots of time...but Sunshine will have a bright future and so will you, because the people of Iraq truly do care and truly do want things to be better. If that many people want something so badly, and the power of the country lies in their ability to elect people who represent their desires, then there is no force that can deny them.

10 November, 2005  
Blogger olivebranch said...

I do not see a shiny future for you Mama, though I am optimistic still.

No country truely has a shiny future, and never will.

What I see is the chance for you & Sunshine and other Iraqi bloggers to use your words, and your knowledge and popularity to help Iraq in the securing its future.

Allow me to expand a little on this:

The media wants and believes word-for-word the writings you and Sunshine write.

If you write a straight-out plea with a very particular purpose, we can make it happen.

Small possibilities represent undiscovered much larger possibilities.

Inhalers may be one way to help you and your family, sure- and that shows that blogs have potential,

but bloggers need to take up the challenge now- and realise their abilities to reach people, and in doing so connect and network.

Push the truth out and imagine the whole world is reading this, because that is the only way to make the world read it.


People around the world rally behind individual oppressed towns among whole populations, just because the media picks up the story.

If every Iraqi blogger pushed out the truth as if the whole world must know- then we would push their individual stories into the media. I could do it alone if I had to, and there were enough stories.

Use your potential powers here- people will be awakened so much more by individual stories, than by irrelevant statistics. People will want to know about Iraq again- they just don't want to read the same old stories the papers print- because the papers can't get any other stories.

Fill in the void with something worthwhile and interesting, everyone loves a war story when they havent experienced it themselves- no one likes a repetitive news story.

Ahh- Even the future of Australia is shakey- with the current tensions between us & Indonesia :\

your shiny future may not come, but it does not have to be a dull, broken one either.

You have your daughter, and she has you- and you both have us.

Please. Don't forget that.

10 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog for the first time today, as well as the blog of your daughter. I sense the sadness, and anger in your words. To say that I can feel you would be a lie, because I live in beautiful California, without the violence. But I do want to try to give you spiritual advice, whoch is that the only thing we have in this mundane world is hope. God gives us hope, because as you know, there is a better world to come. Don't give into despair, but rather focus on your inner spirit, it will strengthen you, as God says "I will not let you endure more than you can bare, but I will make a way out of it, so you will be able to endure it". Keep this thought in your heart, and try to focus on the genuity of your daughter. I firmly believe it will get better. Inshallah

10 November, 2005  
Blogger katerinanna said...

Dearest Mama...keep your hope alive. It looks very bleak now to be sure. I am a 33 year old mother and work at an Architectural Firm in Salt Lake City, UT. I can understand the anquish of watching your children suffer even if they get a little scratch or cold. I cannot imagine having to watch them suffer through what you have described there. Do you know that even American went through these same struggles when they were becoming a free country. In 1682 immigrants came to this new found country to escape religious oppression. From 1700 to 1775 the new colonies formed were under the rule of the British Monarchy. The men and boys of our country took up farm tools...literally and fought against their enemy to gain freedom. After 75 years of a Monarchy ruling from another country, the people finally had enough of the taxation and the laws that were imposed upon them and took up arms against them. After a year long battle against the Monarchy a Declaration of Independance, or Constitution was written. It took another 7 years of battle and then another 2 years of forming our new nation before things really started looking up....and then there was a civil war between the North and the South that lasted for 4 years and our nation is still feeling the sting of that war because of slavery and racism and unfair taxation. And that war ended 140 years ago. But, today, although there is some civil unrest, and there is unfair taxation, and there is racism, and there are riots, and murders, and rapes,and our government is FAR from perfect, our country is finally free, and we are striving as citizens and voters to keep it that way, to voice our opinions and hold on to our faith and our beliefs and not ever let anyone take that awy from us and we would fight to the death to defend those freedoms. Forming a free nation takes many years and much patience and a strong resolve that no matter what, you will have your freedom. And God willing, you will have it. Please don't ever loose that faith.

11 November, 2005  
Blogger bordergal said...

What you do, who you are matters. To your children and husband most of all, because you serve as an example of strength, hope and courage.

To your patients, who are doubtless struggling with the same doubts and fears.

To the rest of us around the world, because your example gives us hope.

A woman of valor, who can find her?

Her value is far beyond pearls.

Her husband's heart relies on her and he shall lack no fortune.

She girds her loins in strength, and makes her arms strong.

She extends her hands to the poor, and reaches out her hand to the needy.

Strength and honor are her clothing, she smiles at the future.

She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the lesson of kindness is on her tongue.

She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise and praise her, her husband lauds her.

Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

13 November, 2005  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

"I can't be sure about the shiny future ahead "___There is no simple shiny future ahead. There is a long hard slog while Iraqis learn how to run a country so that it works - with regular garbage collection, good clinics, schools and hospitals, well maintained electrical systems, etc. Nobody had these 200 years ago. Every country has had to work hard to build itself up. Iraq is fortunate in having fertile soil and water, so it can feed itself. It has plenty of intelligent people. Twenty or thirty years of hard work can make a big difference.

25 November, 2005  
Blogger Ripama said...

Althoguh you are pessimistic, Iraq's future depends upon people like you.

Pessimism balances the idealism of optimists.

26 November, 2005  
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21 December, 2005  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So my Uncle is in Iraq....I worry everyday that some day we will find out he is not coming home...if you dont know what i feel like than think about one of your best friend being shot and then left there helplessly to die! hopefully things will get better...but for now im just going to be a thirteen yoear old girl that supports our troops and is forced to worry everyday1

24 October, 2007  

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