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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We lost our family senior,but that wasn't all....

I can't bear more anxiety, fear, and sadness. Counting our losses every day. Yesterday we lost our dear family senior; he is my father's uncle. He was shot to death by the American soldiers in his parent's in-law neighborhood. He is 78 years old. He was such a great man, educated, warm, and faithful to his wife who died with cancer, he raised his three children by himself to up bring a doctor, an engineer and an accountant. He remained without marriage for twenty years. Then he got married again. He was an ex-officer in the army….We all loved and honored him…we used to gather in his house every Eid; I will miss his kiss over my forehead as he used to, when we kiss him.My uncles and of course my dad considered him their best friend. They had very nice memories together; he was definitely their model…He will be missed by his friends and family, he is that kind of person that leaves emptiness.I couldn't sleep last night, neither my parent's, my husband nor my father in law. I wonder if the soldier who shot him and left him in his car ,asked himself about that old man , did he wondered if he was alive or died immediately?.. Did he sleep as a lamb?! Probably he forgot all about it, and had nice dreams….….The soldiers left him dead in his car after they shot him BY MISTAKE , then Iraqi policemen found him , used his cell phone to call one of the his family members.........
more details about the accident ......

We need help to stop the violence, and the disrespect of the humanity. I am giving some of the details about my relative's accident to seek for help, and investigation. On Wednesday afternoon about 5 pm. My dear grand uncle was shot by many American bullets from the right side while he was driving his car (Dark brown" Opel\vectra", model 1991.), in a residential neighborhood, "Al Tairan ". The report of the forensic doctor mentioned that the victim was turning his head toward the left, when he got the first bullet on his neck (that one caused immediate death), the other was in his upper right side of his chest, and the third bullet was on his upper part of his right arm.Such accidents, I mean shooting innocent people, had been repeated to a large extent that turned the appreciation of the Iraqis toward the American liberation from Saddams' regimen to hate or violence or at least suspicious about the intentions of the Americans' coexistence in Iraq …I doubt, there is any Iraqi still trust the Americans' being in their homeland, even the most peaceful optimistic……..
more about my daily life events....l
on the second day after the accident,I left my bed in the morning to find a sandy storm; I asked Sunshine to stay home to avoid asthma attack. But she refused (self-willed girl)…After an hour, she phoned; as soon as I heard her voice I expected she had asthma attack. But I was wrong; she phoned to tell me that she was in najma's house because a rocket or a bomb exploded to leave some damages in her school, with two injured girls, and 900 terrified girls….


Blogger Ripama said...


Senator John McCain


is probably the best person to hear your story. He is a respected war veteran and a member of the powerful Armed Services Committee in the US Senate. You may be able to write him an email describing your concerns, If you don't get any satisfaction go to;


Select FULL COMMITTEE MEMBERS and find contact information for each of the Senators on the committee and write them an email. It might be difficult because they know you can't vote for them, but sometimes they will surprise you.

10 March, 2006  
Anonymous judy said...


I forwarded your post to my Illinois Senators, Durbin and Obama, and to Senator Clinton, who is on the Armed Services Committee. Even if they can't (or won't) help, I wanted them to read it... to understand what is happening to Iraqi civilians. What you said about the disrespect of humanity says it all...

It will be interesting to see what they say in reply. I will let you know.

I am so sorry for your loss.

10 March, 2006  
Anonymous Gene said...

I wish there was something that I could do, I agree ripama and judy, who knows if it will help? but you should try. There are only so many American troops in one place at one time and they should keep track of who goes to different places -I hope you have some luck in this to get some answers. I was sad also to read this in Sunshine's post. It is sad enough that this is happening to you, your family and your country - but even more sad that children must go through this too. Hope Sunshine's asthma stays away and that you all may stay safe...It sounds like it is hard to do anywhere there... Hope the missle was not meant for the school, why would anyone want to hurt children!? (Or anyone else too). My prayers for you and your family...Gene

10 March, 2006  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Mama, I want to offer my deepest condolences to you and your family. Like Rose, I am angry over this. I believe it would be agood idea to contact Senator McCain at the E-Mail address listed by Ripama, above. I do not understand how this ignorance can continue to happen by a few military people.

11 March, 2006  
Anonymous RG said...

Was it the Iraqi police unit that said this tragedy was the result of the American Military?

And who told the Iraqi police the American Military did this?

Evil and dark forces have been killing people and then trying to blame other factions or groups.

If this was done by American Military, the soldier who shot him must be brought to Justice. The other Soldiers who left him behind for the must also be brought to Justice.

But this does not sound right. American soldiers do not go around randomly murdering people. Al Qaeda and other groups do terrible things like that all day long.

A thorough investigation MUST be done.

12 March, 2006  
Blogger mama said...

RG , I know they did that for sure, otherwise I will not write they did.Yes ,the american soldiers shot him ,in a residential neighborhood ,the police were with the troop , there were inspection in that neighborhood , his wife talked with them they said that was a mistake and left her in the street . as well as his daughter ,she saw them taking pictures to car and the victim ,they told her to go away roughly ...

12 March, 2006  
Anonymous RG said...


Supply the military with the time and the place. All patrols and who are on those patrols are logged. If it indeed occured, the soldiers that did this can easily be found and will be charged with murder and put on trial.

As an American, the American troops that did this, if found guilty, must be punished.

12 March, 2006  
Blogger dancewater said...

I am so terribly, terribly sorry for your loss.

I was visiting my Representative's office last Friday, and I brought Aunt Najma's story. I asked a man working in that office to bring it to Representative Taylor's attention and send an email of sympathy for your loss. He asked me if I was joking. What he doesn't know is that I am going back this Friday to see if he did it or not.

I am sure the shooting was an "accident" but the reaction to it does show how little some Americans care. The US/UK troops need to get out of there asap.

12 March, 2006  
Blogger Treasure of Baghdad said...

I am sorry to hear this bad news. It seems our lives became worthless by the continous "by mistake" phrases. We lost and we will be losing as much as tehse words continue.

12 March, 2006  
Anonymous Judy said...


I would like to see the American government start taking responsibility for Iraqi Civilian deaths caused bu our troops.

Even if removing Saddam makes the world a safer place (and it sure doesn't look that way to me) it is not worth the deaths of so many Iraqis.

I received a reply from Senator Clinton saying that she could not reply to my email because I don't live in her state. So I sent your information to Senator Kennedy, who is also on the Armed Services Committee. We'll see what he says.


13 March, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

I am so sorry for your loss Mama. As I told Sunshine, stay close to God for strength now.
I pray that this whole situation can have some kind of resolution.

13 March, 2006  
Blogger Tom C said...

I can add nothing to help you, but know that I am sorry for your loss. Know that some of my family has served in Iraq, and I belive with honour. We send our sons and daughters to you, in the hopes that one day you may be free of fear. I know that not everyone we send is as good as I would like, but even in your grief, mamma, know that we hope and wish only the best for you, and your children. I am a Father, and I and mine, would cry for you and yours.

13 March, 2006  
Blogger Nadia said...

I am so sorry to hear this bad news. I wish you and your family stength to cope with all this.

Take care/

Nadia (Swedish Iraqi woman living in Sweden at the moment)

14 March, 2006  
Anonymous RG said...


Terrorists are officially targeting schools...

Story Being Reported in the West

311 teachers and 64 pupils killed in four months

By Ilham Mohammed

Azzaman, March 6, 2006

Some 311 teachers plus 64 pupils below 12 years have been killed in the past four months, according to the latest tally from the Ministry of Education.

In a statement obtained by the newspaper, the ministry said attacks on schools and other educational facilities have increased recently and many parents have already stopped sending their children to school.

It added that more than 400 schools have been attacked in the same period and many have already put down their shutters.

Meanwhile, the second term of the current academic year (2005-2006) started a few days ago but educational authorities in the country say they are worried the latest upsurge in violence will adversely impact attendance.

At Baghdad University, only a few students reported to classes prompting the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to put off the start of the term for a week.

Many professors were reported to have stayed away fearing the strife on the streets of Baghdad will find its way to the campus.

“Violence is not only present on the streets of Baghdad. It is steadily moving to the campuses,” said Ahmad Bahaa, a ministry official.

“We have almost forgotten about teaching and learning. We only think of political squabbling and useless dialogue over sectarian, political and religious issues,” he said.

Abdulamir Hayder from Baghdad University said the conditions were the worst one could imagine.

“The students and their professors are in a very bad psychological situation. The only aim is how to flee to a foreign country to escape assassination or threats,” he said.

Karim Ali, from Mustansiriya University in Baghdad, said Iraqi universities have lost status as science institutions.

“There is no more scientific significance left for our universities. Nobody cares about education. The campuses have turned into arenas of factional struggle,” he said.

Despite the gloomy picture, the ministry said it would set up two new universities, one in each of the southern cities of Amara and Samawa.

Your daughter, Sunshine's, school was hit by a mortor and students injured. News is now going around the world that terrorists in Iraq are now officially targeting schools, teachers and the children. I would highly recommend home schooling till things cool down in Mosul.

14 March, 2006  
Blogger Dr. D. said...

Dear Mama,

No words that I could say will take away your grief, anger, and hurt. My heart breaks as I read your blog and as I read Sunshine's blog. Immediately, my mind says, "why?" "Why do such terrible things happen to such good people?"

I pray that God will comfort the hearts of your family members. I pray that God will bring peace and safety to your family and your country.

Please know that good people, all over the world, are grieving with you. We sincerely care for you and your people.

Dr. D

16 March, 2006  
Blogger Human said...

I am so sorry about your loss. Please understand that many of us here in America tried to prevent the slaughter before it started. We are working hard to stop it.

Sending letters to the like of Senators McCain and Clinton is like spitting in the wind. The only thing that will stop the carnage and the coming attack on Iran is the overthrow of the Bush Regime.

18 March, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My heart breaks at your tragic loss. Just like Riverbend and Neurotic Iraqi Wife, the harsh reality of the horror you are trapped within has finally spilled onto your blog. It saddens me to see this happen when you and them started out with such hopeful and neutral attitudes.
I do agree with HUMAN, that all of this dialogue is pointless and nothing short of revolt could stop the monster from killing again. The majority of average working Americans does not ever vote, has never supported this war, and knows not to speak out if they enjoy life.
It is quite naiive to think that our professional 4th Reich Stormtroopers could never commit atrocities or murder innocent civilians unquestioningly.

19 March, 2006  
Blogger Noumenon said...

You know, if America had been invaded and occupied by France, bringing a lot of French soldiers who had just shot one of my relatives, I don't think I would be too receptive to a bunch of French people showing up on my blog and assuring me that I could trust Jacques Chirac to fix the problem if I wrote him a letter.
What part of "I doubt, there is any Iraqi still trust the Americans' being in their homeland, even the most peaceful optimistic" didn't they understand?

19 March, 2006  
Blogger Bint Alshamsa said...

Asalaamu alaikum,

I am very sorry for your loss. I know that your loved one did not deserve to die like that. I feel so helpless when I hear about what's going on in Baghdad. Thankfully, we know that Allah is just and will enact justice on behalf of those who believe in him. I know that nothing I can say will ease your grief but Allah can and will give you comfort very soon.

I will make dua for your loved one.

Rahimahu Allah

19 March, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food for thought?



21 March, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The violence cancer is coming from your Interior Ministry and Iranian infiltrators who desire a Islamic State. They do not care who they kill as long as violence occurs. And once they take over it will be even worse.

21 March, 2006  
Anonymous Becca said...

Mama, I am sorry for the loss of your dear loved one. I wrote to my two Senators who represent Virginia, George Allen and John Warner, and pleaded that an investigation be completed.

Human wrote...
"I am so sorry about your loss. Please understand that many of us here in America tried to prevent the slaughter before it started. We are working hard to stop it."

Human: The slaughterings took place many years ago when saddam hussein was in power. By you saying, "many of us here in America tried to prevent the slaughter before it started", does that mean you feel that saddam hussein should still be in power?

21 March, 2006  
Anonymous 2LT Frost said...


First let me say I'm extremely sorry for your loss. I'm a regular reader of your sister's blog, and I found a link from it to here. Every time I hear of something like this, it saddens me because it is not only a horrible thing in its own right, it is a terrible setback for mutual understanding and trust between our people.

I would like to think this is an honest mistake, however terrible, but I can't know that and so I encourage you to report this to any authorities you can get the ear of, especially ours if you are able. Despite what some would have you believe, American soldiers do NOT carelessly shoot civilians for no reason. If the soldier who shot your father is aware of what he did, trust me, he is probably more in anguish over it than even you are. Even in a war zone, no one wants to kill an innocent. Knowing for the rest of your life that an error in your judgement ended up with you killing an innocent old man is not something that grants ease of rest, ever.

However, the soldier who shot your father may well be at fault for failing to follow established guidelines and simply being careless, resulting on negligent homicide. For this reason, you or someone else from your family NEED to speak up so that his commanders can get word of what happened and take appropriate action. This is NOT Saddam's military. We don't want trigger happy men killing your loved ones any more than you do, and that's why if this was indeed such an incident, appropriate action WILL be taken if the proper authorities are appraised of the situation.

Again, I realize no words of a stranger such as myself can ever assuage your anguish over what happened to you and your family, but I am truly sorry nonetheless and I hope that your family can find some justice for this through proper action.

24 March, 2006  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Were there witnesses to this action? The company logo should be readily apparent, also numbers. Having said that, I do not believe for one single minute that our soldiers shot your uncle. If they did, it was because he was told to stop, and he did not. Our soldiers have turned much of the security duty over to Iraq soldiers. I know how our soldiers and marines are trained, and they simply do NOT fire on "innocent" citizens, and many have died defending them! If there are witnesses, and it is true it was our soldiers or marines, they will be tried and convicted, and summarily jailed. But again, I do not believe it was our guys for a single second, unless they were provoked!

25 March, 2006  
Blogger Al_Ar_Bee said...


My heart bleeds for what intruders have done to your home and your loved one's. I know that you are a gentle person who does not speak harshly to those who harm you. Please forgive me for using your blog to speak the harsh truth to your American sympathizers, but I cannot remain silent as this outrage continues while the only people with the power to put an end to it swim in a delusional self-serving reality they have sucked up from their own totally corrupt media.

Just blows me away how deluded the populace of the United States of America is. Most of you have been successfully drugged by your media into believing that the most evil nation on earth is actually benign.

I don't for a moment doubt that you are mostly very decent people. Your ruling oligarchic elite of multi-billionaires and the corporations they exercise their power through (Democracy in the US is a cruel hoax that tortures the rest of the world) have ensured that the US has done nothing but pillage the world to transfer ill-gotten gains back to their pockets for most of its existence. What "American values" actually means in the harsh reality of life for most of the rest of the world is the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich and it is all enforced by American military might.

Your "benign" authorities murdered between 1 and 4 million Vietnamese civilians and you eventually put a stop to that slaughter. It is unfathomable that you've once again allowed yourselves into being fooled into letting the US killing machine lose on the hapless people of Iraq, Afghanistan and goodness knows where else, and soon your "Birds of Death" seem scheduled to wreak havoc in the lives of the Iranians.

The US promoted Al Quaeda, funding them as allies in the fight with the Soviets. Prior to that your government deposed the legitimately elected democratic government in Iran and installed the ruthless Shah.

Your government supported and supplied weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein in your squabble with the Ayatollahs.

Your government bombed the shit out of Cambodia and supported and propped up vicious military dictators all over South and Central America, was complicit in murdering thousands of secular nationalists and communists in the Middle East over the last 60 years.

Successive US governments have punished the Haitians on and off for 200 years because they had the audacity, as slaves, to stage a successful democratic revolution, just as you guys did when you threw out the British. The big difference is that Haiti is the only example in the entirety of history were slaves succesfully overthrew their own chains and established a democracy. Haitian History should be held high as a tribute to democratic values, but no, they poor majority of Haiti continue to be punished for their uppitiness at this very moment bu the combined immoral behaviour of the governments of France, Canada and the US.

"Report it to the authorities . . ."??? You mean tell the mafia boss that his hirelings are not behaving according to the law?

Wake up America! You are being taken for a sucker by your own devious leaders. Get the hell out of the rest of the world. The fruits of your interference has been nothing but death and destruction. And please take your insane Armageddan-obsessed missionaries with you.

Even if you do it for the selfish reason that your spendthrift President is selling the future of your grand children to finance his evil designs.

If the US had spent half of what's been spent on the War on Iraq on the welfare of its own citizens, and the other half on the (genuine) welfare of the rest of the world, everything would have been radically transformed for the better and the world today would be a much safer place for all.

George Bush and his ilk have squandered this opportunity and have nothing but evil to show for it. The real failure and the real evil is in the lost oportunity. And they did it while you slept through your lie-induced dreams.

My heart bleeds too for the pain Americans will feel one day when they finally wake up to what has really been done in their name.

May we have Peace and Justice in the world based on the truth.

29 March, 2006  
Anonymous 2LT Frost said...

Al Ar Bee,

Apparently speaking from the safety of Vancouver you have the perfect pulpit from which to spew the obvious "truth." Tell me, sir, where do you get off using the loss of someone's relative as an excuse to air your slanted point of view? Frankly I find that rude and highly disrespectful. I would debate your position and attempt to set you straight, but a) you come across as one of those types who has already made up their minds as to what is reality and is too closed minded to listen to reason, and b) I have more respect for Rose's sister than you and will not pollute her blog comments with my personal politics.

03 April, 2006  
Anonymous John said...

This post was very interesting. I'd love to see more like it.

06 April, 2006  
Blogger misneach said...

My God, I cannot think of any words that could possibly express my condolences. For a human being to show such heartlessness and lack of caring for another human being is truly sickening. I feel so powerless to help you, and it's absolutely tragic that a life could matter so little to someone. I wish I could believe in the inherent good of people, but there are times in life when one has doubts. If there is absolutely ANYTHING I could do to help you PLEASE contact me, if you would like me to write letters to senators or other leaders please just let me know. Again I am so so sorry for your loss.

16 April, 2006  
Anonymous karmavsdogma said...

McCain probably won't care. Trust me. I live in Arizona. Our government doesn't care much about Iraq, to tell you the truth. What they do care about is continuing this farce of a war because it's making them all extremely wealthy. And us average Americans are the ones footing the bill. We hate it as much as you do. And we actually do care about what is happening to your country. We're just now waking up to the fact that we can find out for ourselves, first-hand, what is being done in our name (and by no means with our consent).

"Every generation needs a new revolution." ~Thomas Jefferson

20 April, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would really suck if it were actually true.

The American military does not go around killing random people and then leaving them to die. IF they were this evil killing machine (which they aren't), you can rest asured there wouldn't be anyone to talk about it.

IMO the whole story sounds like the other bullshit massacres Zarqawi and his bunch have been staging for a while, but I mean we have a person with a story on the internet, so its probably true...

23 April, 2006  
Blogger misneach said...

Forgive those who claim that this cannot be true. Its the only way some people can deal with the horror of the situation.

28 April, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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01 May, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but came across it by accident and just wanted to post my prayers for you and your family.
Just last year, my wife and I stood in Syria, on a Ramadan evening, having found the greatest hospitality from those we are continually told we must hate.
I am so sorry about the destruction we are causing to your country, your families and your culture and sorry about the way this shows no sign of ending for Iraq, Iran, Syria and potentially countless others.
I am so sorry about the legacy of pain we are placing in your hearts and know it will take generations to wash away.
I am so sorry there are soldiers so misguided that they cannot see you as human anymore.
I am so sorry there are so many people who believe the PR companies and US State sponsored media.
For the warmth and unbiased acceptance into Middle Eastern homes and the understanding of familial love I was shown, I thank a culture that surpasses our Western priorities of competitive greed and religious hypocrisy. You have shown me the beauties of simplicity and the widest of smiles.
To the Senior of your family, who deserved the peace and respect an Iraqi family would show their Patriach, I wish eternal peace.
To you and all those who suffer, I offer my deepest apologies and softest prayers.

20 May, 2006  
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21 May, 2006  
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14 June, 2006  
Blogger NYPDJew said...

Web hoster... I think that this post was not the place to pitch your services.

My condolences to your Mama on your loss. I am at a loss for what to say.

16 June, 2006  
Blogger zazou said...

Dear "Mama",

I've just disvovered this, Rose and Sunshine's blog and wouldlike to offer a belated but sincere condolences on your loss.
More and more there are cases such as your coming inro American view and there is no excuse for them.

With you premission, I will cross-link your story because I feel that personalizing Iraqi loss is a tragically necessary thing. For every American soldier that died, there is a name and a picture. For every Iraqi killed by an American "mistake" or whatever, there are seldom any names, let along a picture, so a personal story will have to do.

And RG, I am very sorry to tell you, but American soldiers do kill innocents- they lie about it, they conceal it, and they try to justify it. There are currently over 8 soldiers in Camp Pendleton alone facing murder charges for the kidnap and murder of one man, The charges on Haditha are still pending. It is unfortunate that your good faith and trust has been so abused, but the truth is, they do so because they feel they can, and have only been recently caught.

23 June, 2006  
Anonymous Travis said...

You must realise that American soldiers are not random murderors. My cousin is a marine, one of my best friends is in the Navy and the other is in the Army. A girl I know is joining the marines also and my brother is in the auxilary branch of the air force and in a few years he will join the army as well. I know many people who make up the army and I know their characters and I know why they join. You have to know that American soldiers have no interest in random violence. What strikes me as so odd is that the "ressistance" wants to drive out the Americans....but the Americans WANT to leave we just cant because they are fighting. The ressistance would be more successful if they stopped fighting.

29 November, 2006  
Blogger graceonline said...

I am aggrieved to learn of your loss. I pray for your healing and the healing of all who knew and loved your dear uncle. I pray for an end to this senseless bloodshed.

May all men somehow find their way to peace. May all peoples somehow find a way to live in harmony.

21 June, 2007  
Anonymous Ken said...

Just found this blog so my comment is late. I find your story hard to believe. That it happened as you post. It is quite possible that your relatives were killed by american soldiers during a battle with insurgents. But I do not believe the cold blooded killing you describe.

Put up some proof of your clain that can be be verified and i will personnaly go after those responcible.


11 September, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mama,
I am so sorry for your loss... I know it has been more then a year but I just found the link from your sisters site to here... I also wanted to apologize for the ignorance displayed by the Americans in the comments. I am a Canadian but I have lived in America and with American and it is almost fascinating to see how warped their worldview is by their media.. forgive them for they know not what they say.... I can do little to help you but I want you to know I am doing all that I can to make this stop I am writing letters and there are many who trying here who are talking about and trying to make this stop.. you are not forgotten and I want you to know your story will be heard.... please forgive us. If you can find it in your heart to forgive us for what we do to you then maybe there is some hope for humanity after all... I am so sorry for not doing enough. I hope you are well and blessed.

30 September, 2007  
Blogger VAKEMP said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am an American who served in the Marine Corps in Camp Fallujah last year. During one incident, we ended up killing someone under the premise of hostile intent (it was in what we call Zaidon - South of Camp Fallujah, and he was out late, doing what we assumed was setting up an IED near our patrol route). When it turned out he was just tending to his crops past curfew, we all felt very bad.

I am sharing this with you because I feel very sorry for that man's family, but I never was able to say sorry to them. We did speak to the man's son, and made sure arrangements for the body were taken care of. Of course, his son was very sad to have lost his father, and very angry at us for his death.

I sincerely wish the best for you, your family, and for Iraq. May neither of us have to lose another loved one at the hands of another human being.

17 October, 2007  
Blogger Ludog29 said...

My deapest reguards for the loss of your Senior.

08 August, 2008  
Blogger TxkParalegal said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your senior. This war has turned in ways that no American ever thought possible, but rest assured that the motives of the men who are there are simply to defend and stabilize your country. War is so ugly, and harsh. I can tell you that our soldiers come home and say how horrified they are at having had to kill ANYONE, even in self-defense, much less innocents. Our soldiers suffer from what we call post traumatic stress disorder. They are changed by their experiences. Many of these soldiers signed on with the military to help pay for college, and never anticipated this war. They find themselves stuck in a situation they can't get out of or cope with, and they feel sorrow for the plight of your citizens, family, and country as a whole, but also for the children they leave behind in America, the wives and husbands and elderly parents, and we feel sorrow at not having them here with us as well. This war needs to end, and I hope that it can end peacefully and successfully for your country. I haven't seen posts from you or Rose in a while and I hope that your family is okay. I am praying for your family. Most Americans and American soldiers wish things were not as they are now, and I apologize on behalf of my country and my military that this happened at our hands to your family. We love and pray for you.

26 November, 2008  

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