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Friday, March 03, 2006

Harbored Actualities

Hello all
I want to be honest with you , I decided to stop writing ,I thought it's worthless ,and as it wasn't easy for me to have time ,or power in the proper time ,I thought no one will even notice if I stopped , but I received some letters recently that made me consider my decision for awhile , at least till I say what I want to say about the latest events and the escalation of violence in my country ..
Let me start from what happened in Samara.
Samara for me is one of the famous ancient edifices, which is too cherishable to all Iraqis... no one sees it's golden dome and forgets it's beauty ,it's not just hallowed to some Iraqis but also beloved ,I am describing it's dearness to make you imagine how devil is the faction that dared to blew it…
Then the media started to show that the Sunnis blew the Shiite's shrine, they forgot to mention that this shrine lies in what they call them Sunni's land from more than thousand year… and then the subversion started to expand, about 200 mosques in Baghdad alone were attacked savagely by brutes wearing the black , many innocent elders and young men died and thrown in the streets ,others were taken away and not found, my mom described the situation for me , three mosques in their neighborhood were either burned or exploded , while their inmates, like al- imam or sentry, were murdered without mercy ,those MURDERERS did not come after midnight or came swiftly , they came in the midday ,and stayed in the neighborhoods for hours and burned every mosque more than once , they prowled for hours and No police or national guards stopped them . to give you an example there is a mosque just in front of the oil, transportation &irrigation ministries , that mosque was burned three times in one day , three men were killed ,many young men live in that street were beaten and then taken away and the huge NO. Escorts of these ministries did not do any thing to stop them, they were very dominator, just like if they were having an official errand, and that what I believe ….
No Muslim" Sunni or Shiite" can do that, only assassins dare to , they conducted like Al- Tatar….
May Allah bless Iraq and it's martyrs…
Ps: those two vocabularies (which I dislike) "Sunni, and, Shiite" are too strange and in fact intruders to us since the war..


Blogger Ripama said...


You don't have to write all the time, only when you fell like it.

Whoever blew up the shrine didn't destroy the shrine, they destroyed themselves.

Respect for the work and of those devout people - Those who built the shrine, maintained it, guarded it and worshipped in it - cannot be destroyed. This shrine, or a new shrine should be built and rebuilt everytime the barbarians try to bring it down and the people will become more devout, proud and patriotic because they would have had a hand in rebuilding it.

03 March, 2006  
Blogger wade said...

Thank you Mama for letting us know that you are OK. Please know that we in America are as crushed by the horrible events in Iraq as you are. You have many friends all over the world who are thinking of you and hoping that the situation in Iraq will be better soon. Please take care of yourself, your family and know that we are sending you our love. Wade in Houston

03 March, 2006  
Blogger strykeraunt said...

Hi Mama,

While I cannot speak for all Americans, I am one of those who Wade mentions above that was crushed by such a horrible act. I also can't see how any Iraqi could destroy such a monument in their own country so I tend to believe it was a group outside. I also believe that it was done in order to jump start a civil war. Unfortunately, there are people who played right into the hands of those who blew up the dome, and therefore, provided these terrorist with exactly what they wanted.

I hope you don't quit writing on your blog because I believe that your sharing is good for you and for those who come to read what you say.

The three blogs that I read in order to truly find what is in the heart of Iraquis is yours, Sunshines, and Roses.

Your blog has always shown a reflection of the pain you feel and the hope that you have (or had) for a better future for your children.

Sunshine just lights up my life. She is such an inspiration to anyone who reads her message. Everytime I am having a bad day I think about her situation and how she is able to see the sunshine through it all. I only wish that more people would read her blog and live by her example.

I can see that Sunshine is also a reflection of you.

While I did not always agree with what Rose wrote about, I always felt that she spoke from the heart. I still visit her site to see if she has provided new updates.

Just like Rose's site, I will continue to check your's.

Please take care and stay safe.

04 March, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

Mama, I for one would like to see you keep writing. I know I go for days at a time sometimes before I write. The timing isn't always good.
What a beautiful shrine it was. I can't understand why it was destroyed. I too, hope it will be rebuilt soon for you.
Please stay safe.

04 March, 2006  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Mama please don't stop writing. Like the comments above, I check for your posts almost every day. I am so sad because I don't know how to be of help to you and all the good Iraqi people who are our brothers and sisters. I do pray to our God often and ask him to protect you all.

I cannot understand how people can murder innocent people for no reason.

Please understand that we do love you and hope and pray for your safety.

I also love Sunshine and Rose.

04 March, 2006  
Anonymous Gene said...

Mama, It is good to hear from you, was worried and still am. I would not say that i enjoy reading all your posts, not with some of the pain and hurt they contain - but I read them to hear more of what is going on in your's and your families life. I try to hear from you things I might not hear in the news. The news has almost nothing about regular people and what is happening, just short news clips. I do get hope from yours, Sunshines,and other posts I read. I hope you do not stop writing. Dont feel like you must do it often -but let us know that you are ok. I feel like you are a distant relative that I have not seen for a long time, just read letters from them and their family. I pray for the safety of your family. I do not know how people can destroy things of worship as they have, do they not beleive in God? Be strong, stay safe..It is in people like you that I have hope for the Iraqi people.

04 March, 2006  
Blogger Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...


Let me add a further plea. Please do not stop writing. The Samara tragedy almosy sent me into a total depression, it is just hearing from people like you, and the hope your existence gives me that pulls me back. The fact that, through the horror, ordinary people, extraordinary ordinary people are surviving and keeping in contact with the world is something I need to know. So many Iraq blogs have been empty the past week, I was wondering if some of you had been caught, fatally, by the madness. Your existence is a lifeline.

04 March, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back. write when you feel like it. I check you every day. The news from Iraq is shattering. It is only by having contact with ordinary iraqis that we can get any idea of what its like.
take care

05 March, 2006  
Blogger olivebranch said...

Mama you see you can never stop writing now. It is infectious as is your emotion and the fire in your belly.

Use the support you have to make you write more, in the long run it can only be good for your family, your friend and your country.

You are writing history, because I will never rest until the history books include the stories from within the blogosphere. Even if I am writing these histories myself.

great post.

speak again soon

06 March, 2006  
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