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I am a 37 years old mom ,I am a mother of 3 children. I am a Dentist. I try to make every thing perfect. The life I have, the difficulties I face make me anxious.. I like to have a social life; I cannot resist my feeling of being lonely, but I don’t have good social life, & I am lonely.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

last news....

Hello all
These days ,good things happened, like Sunshine's excellent marks that will qualify her not to join most of the final exams.
The other thing is that I will finish serving in the country side soon, that will be on 18\5.and I will join new place to work in , with some of my collage mates ,where we can learn more about the recent technologies in dentistry.Oh, god I am so excited.
we were invited to wedding party last Tuesday ,we had good time, I was so happy to see my kids dancing and having great time. Yoyo, my little 3 years old child, was talking to everyone, playing with the kids ,I think that was the merriest day for him…
Merriam is preparing for the final exam, lastly my daughters will stay home in summer holiday , that I don't have to worry about them, and can focus on my career…
I miss my parents so badly ,the phone connections between us is so horrible, the traveling to Baghdad is not safe ,and I did not see my parents since last September, when they came to Mosul for only 4 days. I did not see Baghdad since last year in February…
Keep praying for the Iraqis..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so pleased for your good news, well done to Sunshine, and good luck in the new job.

06 May, 2007  
Anonymous Wayne said...

Dearest Mama,

It makes me so very happy to hear that some good things have happened for you and your children. I am so sorry that you cannot visit your parents in Baghdad. I think they must be wonderful people to raise such good children as you and Rose, both of who I admire greatly.

Is Marriam learning to use the computer like Sunshine? I hope she matures as lovely and intelligent as Sunshine. It will be difficult for Marriam because Sunshine is such a lovely person.

I certainly hope that your new job and educational update works well for you.

I hope that you understand how greatly I admire you and your wonderful family.

I pray for you and all innocent Iraqi people every day and ask God to watch over you and keep you safe.

Thank you for all you do for us.

06 May, 2007  
Blogger jhondie said...

I'll pray for more happy days to come, and peace for us all.

06 May, 2007  
Blogger programmer craig said...

What a relief! I saw "last news" and thought you were announcing you wouldn't be posting anymore! I think maybe you meant "latest news" ?

Well, it was nice to read some good news from you, Mama. Thank you for sharing it :)

06 May, 2007  
Blogger Ripama said...


Thank You for the good news. I hope things continue to go well.

07 May, 2007  
Anonymous Bill F said...

Great news for both you and Sunshine! I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of many more good things that will happen for you, your family, and for Iraq. Thanks for letting us all see a part of your life and that of your family through your writings!

07 May, 2007  
Blogger olivebranch said...

great to have some positive news from you mama :D I will love to chat with you & sunshine some more sooon, it's been a long time and when I see sunshine online she didnt reply last time!!!!

take care eni

all of my prayers are with you

aka [olivebranch]
The Olivebranch Network

08 May, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I asked my dentist what is the most interesting development in dentistry in the past twenty years. He said "new adhesives". That surprised me. I thought it might be the new porcelain fillings.

08 May, 2007  
Blogger cile said...

good to read some good news of / and for you :)

09 May, 2007  

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